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Developed by an Equine Podiotherapist who had tried every remedy for thrush under the sun, but to no avail. ThrushEze is an easy to use absorbtive powder that is safe to use and effective on thrush - even on already wet and waterlogged feet. Thrush is a disease of the foot that usually occurs within the frog, the colateral grooves and central sulcus. Out-of-control thrush can open the door for more serious problems, like white-line disease.Thrush in Your Horse's Hoof - Thrush can develop right under our noses .
Most of us recognize thrush as a smelly infection that eats away at the frog, especially down in the cracks called the sulci.
Thrush predominantly occurs because of a nasty group of bacteria called anaerobes, and it can quickly appear on all four feet. There can be dozens of different species of anaerobe involved in a thrush community, but predominantly we find a nasty little stinker named Fusobacterium necrophorum.

For mild thrush, apply a good commercial hoof product containing iodine or copper to the frog daily until the infection has cleared. Hoof soaks can be used for extreme cases including white line disease, seedy toe and post op canker. As a rule of thumb, if your horse has thrush, your product should produce results in a week to 10 days. When we sink our hoof picks into a thrush-infected crack, we drag out black, gooey, stinky crud. You can get ahead of an infection physically by having the farrier cut away diseased and damaged frog tissue.
Factors such as anatomy, soil water content, lameness and hoof pads can stack the deck against us. It can result in compromised hoof stability and severe pain if the infection reaches live tissue.

In these situations, no matter how much you pick the feet, the odds are packed in favor of thrush.
Thrush can progress to a severe lameness that can be seen at a walk--much like a hoof abscess. The worst thing you can do is ignore it, as serious thrush infections can cause injury and lameness.

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