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Author: admin, 25.09.2014

Three mainstream media journalists are showing their bias against the large field of Republican Presidential candidates. Fox News will hold a debate among the top ten declared Republican candidates, as determined by standing in the latest five polls, on August 6.
Lowrey later offered her assessment of the strategies the Republican candidates were likely to follow.
If Donald Trump wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, he will have start taking himself more seriously.

Following the Texas Senators scathing rebuke the candidates stopped lobbing remarks at each other and even seemed to be more cordial than before. We must remember that this contest is to choose a candidate for the important job of leading our nation out of the long dark period known as the Obama administration. By the time the debate is held, there will be more than ten candidates in the running, so some will not be invited to participate. Instead, an MSM reporter can do just the opposite–he can stab Trump in the back, as Coppins did.

For the sake of both economy and fairness I have described in a single word what each candidate deserves for a one word critique of their entire demeanor at this critical debate.

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