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Yeast Infections: The significance of yeast in the diagnosis of mold exposure is commonly overlooked.
Due to the molecular structure of yeast, unlike fungus, it can travel unimpaired from organ to organ throughout the human body. If yeast is in the body it must be addressed at the same time as any fungal components or secondary metabolites if the patient is to fully recover. Systemic Yeast Infection – Yeast can infect virtually every organ and area of the human body. Yeast infections when left untreated have been documented to cause serious illnesses and death. Fungi, which include yeasts, moulds, smuts and mushrooms, are responsible for causing four types of mycotic (fungal) disease:1. These mold related illness or mold contamination questions and answers discuss complaints or symptoms, of Illnesses that are either caused, or aggravated by indoor mold exposure or alternatively, that were believed or suspected by individuals to have a role in their physical or mental health complaints.
I am dying from many of these symptoms listed above, most of which are caused by the moldy state of our house. Aflatoxins produced by some molds can be highly toxic and carcinogenic and may manifest in a variety of cancers.
Separately, our article MOLD EXPERT, WHEN TO HIRE discusses how to decide if the expense of a professional inspection and testing for mold are appropriate and cost justified. You can go to either a Home Depot or a Lowes and pick up a mold test kit for $10 or under. Wheee here is indoor mold contamination the source reservoir needs to be found and rmoved (not "killed" ) and the cause of mold growth must be fixed too. Also there is no portable air purifier on the market that will cure a mold problem, though indeed air filtering with a HEPA filter may reduce the airborne particle level in an enclosed space that's not too large.
But it does not effect no one else in the house but him do you think somthing could be going on with his body when he comes incontact with mold have you came across this problem before. There are indeed some skin sores and skin rashes that can be caused by exposure to some molds, as we illustrate here, at the top of this article, and at Dermatitis and Skin Rashes in the index above. Our round mold rash on skin photo (above) illustrates a client who reported the onset of skin rashes that look like the one above following a do-it-yourself cleanup of a moldy home that included extensive exposure to Stachybotrys chartarum.
Some individuals who are particularly sensitive to certain airborne or direct-skin-contact molds have responded to mold exposure with this rash. It first appears as a small solid red spot, expands, and develops the pattern shown here and resembling (but most likely is not) a ringworm (Tinea) infection.
Our round raised sigular rash shown in the photo at left appeared on the under-arm of a woman exposed to very high airborne molds, including Aspergillus sp. Two dogs in the home became sick and a third died, apparently from the same mold exposure conditions. More mold skin rash examples are in the article above at the article introduction and at Dermatitis and Skin Rashes in the index above.
Also see the illnessess and complaints discussed in detail at MOLD ATLAS & PARTICLES INDEX. I lived in a basement apartment for a year which had obvious, visible mold growth in the bedroom.
Also see the illnessess and complaints associated with specific molds and exposure to them discussed in detail at MOLD ATLAS & PARTICLES INDEX. It was brought to my attention that the home I had lived in for 25 years has a serious case of black mold.
Rachelle, the answer to the question of the chances that health problems (all or some) are exacerbated by or even possibly caused by exposure to indoor mold, MVOCs, or mycotoxins is one that you need to bring first to your physician.
And more confusing is the error of focusing on "black mold" - there are plenty of black or dark molds that are the least of the mold problem in a building, and plenty of light colored, often hard to see molds that are far more harmful in some cases.
However it is worth discussing with your doctor that exposure to some mycotoxins can have neurological effects that influence behaviour, mood, etc. So one could SPECULATE that such exposure and effects could be mistaken for a drug use problem.
Your tonsillitis complaint and causation questions should be discussed with your personal physician, someone who knows the details of your personal health, health history, and also details of your actual exposure to potentially problematic indoor environment.
I agree that it is possible for flooding and mold conditions in a building can cause problematic mold growth, ranging from trivial to extensive, and I add that improper cleanup procedures can make matters worse by stirring up high levels of dust and debris that enter buidling air and later building settled dust, as well as by incomplete work or other mistakes. But we suspect that respiratory system irritation (including the throat) may contribute to the vulnerability to or development of a throat or tonsil infection, as might a challenge to the immune system.
The individual response to a given level of exposure to anything potentially irritating or harmful varies widely, from no response at all to severe allergy or asthma or other complaints.
Even you were exposed to airborne mold or mvocs one can not assume that all mold exposure involves exposure to mycotoxins - the term you used in your question. Also see MYCOTOXIN EFFECTS of MOLD EXPOSURE and see the illnessess and complaints associated with specific molds and exposure to them discussed in detail at MOLD ATLAS & PARTICLES INDEX. Generally people who are already at medical risk from factors such as a compromised immune system or being elderly, infant, asthmatic or allergic to mold are at higher risk than others when exposed to mold that may be allergenic, toxic, or pathogenic. From the clinical literature I see no obvious connection between Barret's disease or Celiac disease and the molds you cite but that OPINION is of course just that.

What your question is missing is a more general understanding of how mold growth occurs in buildings.
Furthermore, it is often the case that other molds, possibly ones that were less visually obvious, may be present and may be far more harmful, such as light-colored species of Aspergillus or Penicillium that an inexpert investigator might miss. Watch out: Beware of bringing moldy contents out of a building into a new residence as you may import high-enough levels of mold to irritate building occupants even if the new location does not encourage mold growth. Take a look at SALVAGE BUILDING CONTENTS for advice on moving things out of the moldy home you describe.
Ascomycete is a huge group of fungi, a stage in development that occurs in other forms, and most likely indicates that other molds are present too. And if you are discussing your health concerns with your doctor you can at this point say that you MIGHT be spending time in an environment with abnormal levels of mold but you don't yet know the level, the exposure, nor anyhing about what mold is actually present. Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Montreal,QC area who can diagnose and treat severe exposure to mold. I just discovered that our apartment unit at Brittania Heights Apartments in Denver, Colorado had asperguillos and toxic black mold in it and in our storage unit that we leased along with the apartment.
While of course any reader will be sorry for those suffering from any illness or worse, a fatality, one wants to be clear in understanding mold hazards and how to deal with them. See MOLD CULTURE TEST KIT VALIDITY and you'll see why the use of a culture to screen a building for mold is not useful. I can't interpret a raw mold spore count without knowing more about the building, its leak history, physical condition, extent of visible mold.
I have been bothered by chronic cough and post nasal drip for several years, and I am suspicious that the building in which I work is the cause. A competent onsite inspection by an expert usually finds additional clues that help accurately diagnose a problem, such as a source of irritating dust that you didn't recognize, a leak or moisture problem, or a hidden mold reservoir. While there is a use for testing as part of an expert building inspection, using any test kit to screen a building for mold is not reliable. In particular, a "negative" result (a test that does not detect significant indoor mold contamination) used without an expert inspection is unreliable in that there is a significant risk of missing an existing mold problem. Even a "positive" mold test kit result (the test says problem mold is present at a significant level) does not necessarily identify the actual mold problem in the building as opposed to the mold the kit happened to catch. The use, accuracy, and reliability of mold culture test kits for screening buildings for mold contamination are discussed at MOLD CULTURE TEST KIT VALIDITY and MOLD CULTURE SAMPLING METHOD and see Mold Culture Plate Test Errors. We recommend starting with a detailed case history of the home and your complaints, combined with a thorough visual inspection for conditions likely to cause an indoor mold problem - if mold's the focus. My eldest developed a severe allergy to her own estrogen that her allergist said is a cross sensitivity to an estrogen-mimicking mold, as she would have the same reaction to mold as she did premenstrually. My quandry is that the new home we live in not only has the mold we apparently dragged with us, but with such high ground saturation in the NE area in the past 3 years, much of our possessions in the downstairs part of our split level ranch is now newly contaminated with mold.
A competent onsite inspection by an expert usually finds additional clues that help accurately diagnose a problem with building leaks, high moisture, and both visible mold and potentially problematic hidden mold reservoirs. It is very difficult to prove absolutely that a potentially harmful building mold has actually caused or aggravated a medical complaint. See our clinical mold references [7] below for authoritative citations of specific molds that are associated with specific illnesses. Watch out: individual sensitivty to mold and other indoor contaminants varies widely and, as your own description suggests, individual sensitivty to mold, allergens, other indoor contaminants can be increased by exposure. The good news is that most such items can be successfully cleaned: laundering or dry-cleaning clothes, curtains, bedding, even area rugs is often cheaper and smarter than doing a lot of mold-testing on those items. If you believe or if your expert advises that you have a high level of moldy (or otherwise problematic) dust in your present home, additional cleaning (HEPA vacuuming, wiping) may be in order. The right place to start in looking for a physican who has the expertise in mold and enviornmental hazards that you seek is with your own primary care doctor, one whom you trust. My husband, a Baptist evangelist, has been debilitated since last June with an illness that we believe is mold-related (our travel trailer, which was our only home, was severely infested, and we had to abandon it). Traditional doctors in our area refused to consider mold exposure, and he was released, being told he would recover from the meningitis within weeks. If you want to collect one to four samples of suspect mold and perhaps some settled dust from a room where your husband spends a lot of time, we'll examine them in our lab - pro bono (no fee) and report to you. Follow the sampling procedure at MOLD TEST KITS for DIY MOLD TESTS and Include a copy of this email with your samples so I won't be looking for a check. But I can say I had carpet that didn't dry for days after a steam cleaning, and I was told a year later my carpet and pad had mold!
Start by taking your health concerns to your medical doctor, not to a mold remediation company. Continue reading at MOLD RELATED ILLNESS SYMPTOMS or select a topic from the More Reading links shown below.
The authors assessed the relation between exposure to dampness and molds in dwellings and the development of allergic rhinitis in childhood in a 6-year, population-based prospective cohort study of 1,863 children aged 1–7 years at baseline in 1991 (follow-up rate, 77%) from Espoo, Finland.
Yeast also forces cellular activity in the human body, which can cause ancillary adverse health effects which many doctors cannot associate with mold exposure or mold sickness.
Vaginal yeast infections are also another indicator of mold exposure, especially if they are chronic.

My kids and I (and even my husband, though his immune system is a lot better and he has much milder symptoms) have so many classic symptoms of toxic mold poisoning. In the four years weve lived here, I have seen a greater frequency in illnesses in everyone. Having inspected and tested many mold remediation jobs I add that Serv Pro is a large franchise with considerable variation in skill level among franchisees.
Since 90 % of molds do not grow in any culture media whatsoever, your recommend mold test kit is 90 % wrong when you open the box.
Tinea is also a fungal infection by the way, caused by a fungus that lives on dead skin tissue, often the scalp, face, beard, body, hands, groin, nails, or feet. I have been cronicly Ill for 5 years 3 people that have worked in the same old shop as me have left because of the same symptoms ie cronic fatigue , sore joints and muscle problems , tiredness , pulsating under skin, cronic thirst, sleep problems leg movements, diguestion problems, constant burning under skin, constant burnig of the joints, night fevers, increased sence of smell, sensitive to smells and food alergys. Not all indoor mold growths produce mycotoxins, some that do are rarely airborne, and even among molds that can potentially produce mycotoxins, those substances are not always actually produced, depending on the growth substrate and indoor environment conditions, even the species and strain within genera of mold. You will not believe the pictures of the toxic black mold growing out of the wall and the asperguillos mold right above our food and dishes for almost 4 years. I met a woman named Jennifer who told me how her infant, 21 month old son Javon, a healthy beautiful baby boy who died from mold exposure.
I will tell you, like I told these disgusting individuals who think money is more important than a human life; the only way they can remotely understand how serious this exposure is and what it can do to a person's life is when they or one of their precious loved ones life is challenged or when they closed the coffin down for the last time on someone they dearly love. Where people suspect that they suffer from a mold related illness it is important to seek expert medical help.
Possibly, yes, but as there are about 1.5 million mold species so we can't know from just your note. I could get a very high count from a single square inch of mold that may be all of the mold contamination - such a count would mean nothing. I have some mold in the crawl space due to insulation being installed upside down and it can't breath properly. For example, most molds won't grow in culture, so using a culture to screen for mold is a unreliable. It was many years before we realized there was mold in between the walls and after many medical diagnosis of my family.
Even if mold was not actively growing on items that you brought to the new home you may have brought items that are thus contaminated.
If you had active mold growth on an upholstered couch, most likely it is not cost feasible to remove and reupholster the covering and padding. But first it would make sense to be sure that any mold reservoirs in the present home are found, removed, and their cause cured - if there are any. The mold company explained we humans are the hosts and we breathe in these spores that multiply. I have a film on my scalp daily and even a yeast infection that's not yeast but light grayish slimy mold coming out of my vagina.
The studied exposures were history of water damage, presence of moisture and visible mold, and perceived mold odor in the home, based on parent-administered questionnaire.
Rarely do people understand that yeast can infect the skin, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, sinuses, and internal organs.
He sees us sick every day, but he doesn't understand that we could all be better if we were out of this toxic mold. In my experience, having inspected and tested over three thousand building mold cleanup jobs, some mold remediation companies or franchisees are quite competent. She said when they did her sons autopsy the child was in good condition but said that she later found out that the home they lived in was infested with black mold. That begins with their own physician who can, where useful, refer the patient to a physician who has expertise in environmental medicine and mold-related illnesses.
Or take a look at CAR SMELL - Mold DEODORIZING where we discuss tracking down and curing mold in cars, boats, RVs, etc. Instead most professionals agree on the position that if there is a large reservoir of problem mold in a building, professional cleaning, correction of the cause, and in cases such as you describe, consulting with a medical professional are all appropriate. I was told by a mold remediation duct cleaning company that it also can visibly be seen in different forms floating and does land on furniture appliances and carpet etc..
Infection - systemic (Mycotoxicosis, the subject below)These are the most common symptoms of fungal exposure (bear in mind, people never fit all of below criteria).
That means that where these molds occur the building has been wet and mold-friendly materials such as drywall have been wet. I've been tested for everything (all negative) BUT not mold tested since my insurance doesn't cover the high cost of testing. The results of this cohort study, which assessed exposure before the onset of allergic rhinitis, strengthen considerably the evidence of the role of indoor dampness problems as determinants of allergic rhinitis in children.

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