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Thrush is a sort of mouth infection caused by candida yeast in which the tongue is covered with patches that are white in color and bleed.
In certain cases, thrush may also develop in and around the diaper area where it takes the form of red rash. The effectiveness of tea tree oil in the treatment of fungal infections is well known by now. On the other hand, one can resort to an alkaline wash by mixing baking soda to boiled water to wash the laundry or to wash the nipples and baby’s mouth after breastfeeding.
Thrush in babies is a type of fungal infection that appears in the inside of the mouth and cheeks. No matter how convincing your child care expert may sound when he says that the thrush is harmless in babies, as a parent, you are bound to be stressed. Well, the good news is that the spots that you find abnormal are absolutely common in babies from birth to 3 months.
Normally thrush in babies is harmless and takes it own time to disappear, but if it is troubling the baby it is advisable to consult your pediatricican.

Since prevention is always better than curing the condition, you can help a great deal by preventing the root causes behind thrush. Also, if your baby has a tendency towards thrush, make her sip some warm water after every feed to wash down the milk residue, which may cause infection in the mouth if it settles there. In most of the cases thrush is harmless and does not cause much pain or discomfort to the babies.
If thrush is accompanied with fever, you need to see the pediatrician immediately as it indicates a bacterial infection. In case of the breastfeeding mother, thrush causes sore nipples that may or may not be accompanied with rashes. If you spot curd white patches and spots in the baby’s mouth, tongue, gums or palate, it is probably the beginning of a thrush.
Plenty of hormonal changes before and after child birth also promote growth of fungal infection in the baby that causes thrush in the mouth. But in some infants it comes with a lot of soreness inside the mouth which makes feeding and sucking difficult for them.

Although thrush can occur in adults, it is a condition that is generally associated with infants and breastfeeding mothers. The white patches often appear like curd in babies’ mouth and it becomes difficult to breastfeed the baby who has thrush. Thrush in infants often crops up during birth when while passing through the vagina, a newborn catches yeast infection in the mouth.
Apart from your baby’s tongue, thrush is also likely to effect the gums, palate, cheeks and roof of the mouth from inside.
Also, apart from the mouth you need to apply the ointment on areas around your baby’s bottom to prevent thrush from spreading further. Clean your hands again after applying the gel to avoid other areas getting affected by thrush.
It can be applied to the mouth of the infant as well as to the nipples of the breastfeeding mother.

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