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This post reflects the initial scare I got from the analysis and I later learned in an email exchange with my blood analyst that the blood picture can change quite quickly, even daily, depending on how stressed out you are, how well you've eaten, etc. My live blood test results also indicated a mold infection, the red blood cells were very clumped together (rouletting) indicating an acidic blood pH and the white blood cells, also, were in very weak shape and fuzzy-looking. Keep in mind that I have seen various allopathic doctors regarding different little health complaints over the years and they always reported my blood test results to show perfect health and couldn't find anything wrong with me! This image shows 'symplasts' of the mold aspergillus present in the blood (large white blobs). The fact that the red blood cells are sticking together shows that the cells have lost their negative charge and become positively charged. Secondly, when the red blood cells are sticking together, their surface area decreases, which makes them less able to carry oxygen and nutrients. Weak white blood cells are incapable of properly clearing out infection, parasites, fungus, viruses and other aggressive organisms in the blood. Katrin Hempel, the naturopath, took a pen and broke some of the blood cells on the microscope slide to see what would happen.
So the way I understand it, Katrin Hempel is of the opinion that once I get my blood more alkaline, the bacteria will be reduced inside the cells.
Personally, although not suggested by Katrin Hempel, I feel that a view of my blood shows that I might be headed for cancer, as well as other diseases, if I continue my lifestyle with no changes. Oxygen is one of the main things to keep the cancer cells at bay, and acid blood a perfect environment for healthy cells in the body to turn cancerous. Katrin also warned against blood sugar imbalances (which might lead to diabetes), but I am less worried about that, since I believe that diabetes, at least type 2, can be easily cured by a well-balanced raw food diet (as shown in the documentary: 'Raw for 30 Days'). But of course blood sugar problems visible in my blood test results are important to address especially because otherwise one's daily quality of life can suffer greatly.
I got my live blood test results done at the London Natural Therapies centre, on Harley Street. Although I've heard bad reports from friends who visited other live blood clinics on Harley Street, I would definitely recommend the services of London Natural Therapies. When having your live blood analysis done, you must be able to trust your therapist, in my opinion.
What I learned from the experience was that although live blood analysis is potentially a fairly exact science, the results can be quite interpretable. After my visit, Katrin Hempel sent me a useful summary and explanation of the blood test results, our discussion, the recommended supplements to take and recommended dietary advice. If you get a live blood test done, however, I have to warn you: You will most likely be overwhelmed with the amount of information.
The blood analyst explained that zinc is essential for mucus membrane healing and for the immune system. This problem goes hand-in-hand with the weak white blood cells detected in the live blood test results, which indicate a weak immune system. The mold, by the way, was a problem that the hair mineral analysis was not able to detect so kudos to the live blood analysis in this respect. I will also endeavour to take Bob Beck's blood electrification every day at home for 0.5 - 2 hours at a time. For a classic, and very enlightening, explanation about candida overgrowth, I recommend Dr.
What is certain is that I need to eat more antioxidants, since these will help the white blood cells do their job better.
The live blood test results also showed bacteria inside the red blood cells (as shown in the image at the beginning of this article). Bob Beck blood electrification, so far as I know, cannot effect microorganisms inside the cells. Katrin Hempel implied in her latest email to me that I should not worry about this too much until I get my blood alkaline again.
Apparently my high alcohol intake when young coupled with the years of smoking in the past and plenty of birth-control pills have taken a toll on my liver - this was evident from the live blood test results. I will return here to report on the results and follow-up live blood analyses, to see if and how I managed to get my liver back to strength.

The acid blood visible in the live blood test results needs to be countered with alkaline foods. I also went for x-rays of my lungs after I received these live blood test results and the NHS doctors found absolutely nothing wrong!
I feel it was very beneficial to do both, the live blood analysis and the hair mineral analysis at the same time, to get a more complete understanding of the causes of my symptoms, the problems, and my overall health. I will now embark on the 2013 raw food diet and will offer more detailed explanations on the diary notes (at the link above) regarding my progress in tackling these issues detected in my live blood test results. I will retake the live blood analysis sometime in the future and return here to show the new - and hopefully improved! Under "normal" conditions physicians generally believe human blood is "sterile." The idea of bacteria living in the blood normally is largely considered medical heresy.
German zoologist Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968) devoted many years to the dark field microscopic study of the blood. The other, related health treatment that I have used with very good results has been blood electrification. Here visible are neutrophils - which are the most common white blood cells, they are responsible for cleaning up of debris and are involved with the fighting of infections. Fermentation: candida and overgrowth in the gut, causing fermentation with gas and toxin production. Fibrin (thin white strands) indicates high acidity in the blood and tissues as well as a systemic inflammation. This is a very congested blood picture, the red blood cells should be separate but here they all stick together. Thus valuable information that would be lost during transport and preservation - as done with conventional tests - can be retained and evaluated. I will be able to explain to you on a computer screen what we see in your blood and point out any possible concerns or irregularities.
Live Blood Cell Microscopy is a very accurate method of analyzing the state of your health. Live blood analysis can reveal a great deal about imbalances in the body and conditions that can lead to future illness. Dry Blood Analysis, also known as the “Oxidative Stress Test”, complements Live Blood Analysis and assesses the level of free radical activity in the body. If you have health challenges that have yet to be uncovered by traditional medical diagnosis or testing, then Live Blood Analysis can provide definite clues as to what is happening inside your body.
Seeing your own blood on a large video display is a great motivator to improve dietary habits.
Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) can customize a dietary, nutritional and lifestyle management program designed to improve your blood profile and ultimately your long term health. Expecting my blood to be quite healthy, minor problems was the most I thought I would face. In addition to this, manually breaking the red blood cell on the glass microscope slide revealed loads of (intracellular) bacteria that were released from inside the cell. But those blood tests were quite superficial - looking for diseases in the body, rather than imbalances which could lead to disease. In addition, the red blood cells are sticking together, which shows acidity in blood (low blood pH).
Healthy white blood cells, by contrast, have strong cell membranes, are clearly defined and floating freely, active. But since my blood cells were too stuck together to be able to see whether they were deficient in iron, I think the recommendation to eat more meat was just a precaution, and to make it easier to eat less carbohydrates (carbs are sugar and feed the mold). Once I have cleared out the problems visible in my blood test results, and also addressed the issues detected in my hair mineral analysis, I will return to raw foods and keep monitoring how it goes. So take your note book with you, if not a recorder, and make sure in advance that the person you're seeing is willing to answer questions and explain the blood test results in a way that you can follow.
It also excretes toxic, acidic waste constantly, causing an overload of toxicity and lack of oxygen in the blood cells. A strong immune system is necessary to enable the white blood cells to attack the mold and carry it out of the body.

Apparently candida is a yeast, whereas aspergillus is a mold, and there are differences between the two. I can't take much of this, however, because a weak liver was also indicated in the blood test results and alcohol will not agree with the liver.
I cannot say yet if following the advice of the blood analyst only would have overcome all my health challenges.
The complicated "life cycle" of these blood bacteria is described in his book Bacterien-Cyclogenie (1925). It differs from traditional medical blood testing where preserved blood is sent to a laboratory for testing chemical composition and blood cell counts.
While it is not a diagnostic procedure for any specific illness, it can indicate various levels of acidity in the blood terrain.
The microcosm of living blood, by its very nature, is always reflective of your current state of health.
It acts as a “nutritional feedback system” reflecting the impact of positive eating habits and lifestyle adjustments and how they can improve the structure of your blood in as little as a few months. Despite this she did say that in my case there were markers in the blood to show that the acidity was a longer-term problem. The consultation lasted about one hour and I was able to ask some questions and get further clarification of my blood test results by email afterwards. Both of these methods are meant to clear the blood of all bacteria, parasites and fungi very effectively. However, I believe that this is the classic problem of lab testing being performed on the synthetic version of the nutrient, instead of using the natural source. It is confusing, however, since I have been taking flax seeds (linseeds) quite regularly as part of my smoothies and have also, perhaps a week before my blood test, started to take quite powerful vitamin C supplements. The most important thing that the live blood analysis was unable to diagnose was the fact that I had something called adrenal insufficiency. Before the next test I will do Bob Beck's blood electrification every day (for 2 weeks to 1 month) prior to the test, to see if its effects can be seen in the results. This test can also indicate the presence of heavy metals, bowel toxicity, inflammation, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I have a good opportunity to put this to test with a repeat blood analysis in some months' time.
Katrin Hempel, the live blood analyst, recommended a product called 'Blue Ice Royal' cod liver oil, which is supposedly free from heavy metals and solvents. The information was very useful although I did feel that the session was too short for me to be able understand the live blood test results and what they meant well enough. A single drop of blood is taken from a finger prick and magnified 1,500 times under a special dark field condensing microscope.
If the live blood test results did reveal this, as Katrin Hempel suggested in a later email, there was too little time in the session to discuss it, and it also was not mentioned on my report.
So strictly speaking, neither the live blood test results nor the hair mineral test results were able to point this out to me.
Although it is a difficult read due to Enderlein's complex terminology of the various pleomorphic blood forms, it is considered an essential work for practitioners performing the highly controversial "live blood cell analysis" of human blood. This powerful instrument is equipped with a video camera and projects the image of your living blood to LCD monitor revealing a multitude of microscopic activity. Enderlein believed that the sterility of the blood was an invalid assumption on the part of medical science. Because blood can survive for at least 20 minutes on a microscope slide, it is possible to observe certain blood subtleties not possible under traditional medical blood tests. He claimed the blood elements of all vertebrates, up to and including man - even the healthiest - have been subjected to a massive infestation of primitive-phase "endobionts".

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