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Yeast infections before your period are typically caused by increased amounts of sugar in the vaginal tissue, or a lower pH. Before you have your period your body is secreting higher levels of the hormone progesterone. Thus it is likely that your yeast infections before a period are due to a higher vaginal pH and the greater availability of sugar in the vagina.
Elevated glycogen and higher pH may not be the only reason you are experiencing yeast infections before periods.
Additionally, elevated levels of estrogen in the body may also cause the vaginal lining to be over enriched with sugar. If you have yeast infections before periods you could have a more aggravated, invasive form of infection known as mycelial Candida, which is a chronic yeast infection. One woman also had a serious amount of yeast tendrils burrowed into her skin and suffered from aggravated, recurrent yeast infections.

Natural medicine can clear up even chronic yeast infections and can rapidly destroy Candida biofilms; as the Journal of Ethnopharmacology relates as well. In addition to killing of the yeast with natural remedies, you would do well to start taking a probiotic to help keep yeast away. In the next slide are some things you need to know when you are dealing with a yeast infection while on your period. If you suspect your partner has yeast too, make sure you both get treated to avoid passing it to each other again.
In a normal menstrual period, hormonal changes occur that cause glycogen in the cells to be deposited in the vaginal walls. Since yeast feed primarily on sugar, then it is able to quickly multiply and sometimes an overgrowth occurs resulting in a yeast infection.
Another reason is that during your period, hormonal changes in your body cause a disruption of the vaginal pH resulting in the healthy bacteria being destroyed and therefore creating a friendly environment for the yeast to multiply.

The change in the pH also disrupts the immune system and this is also another cause of why, during your period, the yeast cells are able to multiply excessively. If left untreated, it will turn chronic and it will be very hard to treat even with strong medication. If you are looking for a way to get rid of your yeast infection forever, consider natural home remedies that are used by most people. There are many advantages of using natural methods over medication such as, natural methods are more effective, natural methods treat the reason for yeast infection and not just the symptoms, and the chances of the infection coming back are minimal with home remedies when compared to medication.

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