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Candidiasis can be caused by the use of antibiotics because they kill off healthy bacteria in the gut, allowing candida to overgrow. So if you want to find out if you have a yeast overgrowth and what to do about it if you have, then this would be a good test for you to take.
Harley Street are a IBS clinic in London who are specialists for Candida Testing and Chronic IBS.
The first step in treating a candida yeast infection is to test for the Candida Yeast in the body. Below we identify three methods of self testing for Candida if a professional medical diagnosis is not available.
Please click the headings below for more information and reviews of the different Candida and parasite tests available.

The spit or saliva test was originally devised by a company called ThreeLac as a way to sell their probiotic supplements, the spit test is a crude measurement of how thick your saliva is, and should not be used as a reliable indicator of Candida, and would be completely impossible to diagnose systemic Candida infections (where Candida has entered bloodstream and spread all over the body) as claimed on some websites. This test requires just a small drop of blood to provide an accurate diagnosis within five minutes. The CanDia5 home Candida test kit provides accurate results due to the usage of the most reliable testing source: your blood. UK based Candidatest Service offers easy to use, micro-biological testing for candida, intestinal parasites, leaky gut and much more. Only highly regulated and accredited laboratories which offer the most advanced and sophisticated tests are advised by this clinic. If you suspect a Candida Fungal overgrowth in your body and can identify some or all of the symptoms which are commonly associated with a Candida yeast infection (Candidiasis), then before proceeding with a CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor treatment we recommend testing yourself for Candida.

All tests are performed from simple stool samples, a very modern and strictly scientific way of testing .
This sensitive test not only detects a recent or current candida infection but also previous infections.
But if the Candida proliferates and its populations become disproportionate to the other 400 or so ‘friendly’ bacteria strains in the intestine, it becomes Candidiasis – or a Candida Yeast Infection.
Parasites such as Blastocystis Hominis and Dientamoeba Fragilis are also tested as they can promote Candida and contribute to symptoms of IBS and other health issues.

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