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Many of us are aware that our body and our health are under constant threat from unseen enemies in the form varieties of microbes like, bacteria, virus, and yeasts. Natural remedies for yeast infection offer a holistic relief rather than antibiotics and other drugs as they are the probable factors for the breakout of the disease in the first place. This fungus is found among the normal flora of the mouth, digestive tract, and vagina of perfectly healthy people, but under some circumstances, and for reasons unknown, it may cause severe and even fatal infections, with lesions and eruptions of the skin, nails, mouth, bronchial tubes and lungs. Fungus causes a chronic infection in which there are raised crusted lesions affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Under some favorable conditions like our bodies and the immunity system getting weak due to illness or the beneficial bacteria destroyed by the use of antibiotics (as wide spectrum antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria alike), Candida cells multiply in number and soon the colonies of these yeast cells spread and the symptoms of Candidiasis will show up. But as this disease is caused by parasites which are already present in our body, some precautions reduce the chances of getting this fungal infection.

Oleic acid from Olive oil and Oregano oil, caprylic acid from coconuts and other combinations cure fungal infections effectively.
The term Candida Cleanse is used to describe the course to eliminate the fungal infection by changing the diet. Most common of the yeast infections manifest as oral infections (also called oral thrush) or as skin infections or vaginal yeast infections in case of women. The contributing factors for the infection are use of steroids, long term use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives and other drugs that compromise immunity or kill the beneficial bacteria in our body, high sugar diets, diabetes and lack of hygiene. The symptoms of the infection are visible in case of oral thrush, skin infections and vaginal infection by severe itch and red rashes. Another natural remedy involves deploying acidophillus bacteria which is believed to kill Candida yeast cells.

For other kinds of yeast infections there are many symptoms pointing to Candidiasis; weakness, joint pain, stomach pain, constipation, bloating, erectile dysfunction, and anxiety are chief among them.
The bacteria makes the intestinal track acidic and releases hydrogen peroxide both of these kill yeast cells. Studies have shown the effectiveness of acidophillus bacteria to eliminate Candidas, which were induced by antibiotic administration.

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