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Candidakefyr as an emerging pathogen causing nosocomial bloodstream infections in neutropenic leukemia patients.
In vitro activities of voriconazole as a triazole derivative and caspofungin as an echinocandin were compared with those of some antifungal agents against Candida species isolated from clinical specimens.
He had a reversal in his ileostomy after 10 months and is currently well.Invasive fungal enteritis is a rare complication in immunocompromised patients, sometimes diagnosed only at autopsy.

In vitro activities of voriconazole, posaconazole, and four licensed systemic antifungal agents against Candida species infrequently isolated from blood. Among BMT recipients, both Aspergillus and a variety of Candida albican species can cause invasive fungal infections.7 The discovery of fungal elements deep within tissue, often unexpectedly, can be diagnostic. Furthermore, the extensive duodenal ulceration occurring post-operatively (Figure 1d) and resulting gastrointestinal haemorrhage is a recognised complication of fungal enteritis and was suggestive of active infection, despite negative histology.Fungal enteritis is a rare disease with a high-associated mortality and no established optimal treatment.

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