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Candida infection can occur practically in any part of the body, but the most serious bout of such an infection takes place when the fungus manages to enter the bloodstream. Candidemia is most common in hospitalized people who have a central venous catheter attached to any of the major blood vessel to help carry drugs, chemotherapy, or nutritional supplements to the person concerned. Diagnosis of this condition depends upon the detection of the Candida pathogen in the blood sample of the person suspected of harboring the infection. The best way to prevent the spread of the candida in blood stream in patients with a central venous catheter is to check regularly for signs of infection. Candida fungus is present in small enough number on the gastrointestinal tract of most people, but the presence of various other gut microbial population help in keeping its number in check.
Candida yeast infections in children (babies, infants, toddlers or older kids) can occur in various parts of the body, and poses a considerable healthcare challenge. The Evidence for Cinnamon as a Candida fighter This study discovered that Cinnamon Oil was one of three leading essential oils effective against Candida. This entry was posted in Cinnamon Benefits & Recipes and tagged candida treatment, cinnamon cure for candida, cure for yeast infections, how to cure candida, natural candida treatment by . Candida fungus can cause oral thrush, which is a condition where there is an overgrowth of this microbial fungus inside the oral cavity leading to an infection with observable symptoms. Candida yeast can cause an infection in a number of different parts of the body, and most of time these infections refuse to clear away completely or return at the drop of a hat. This book explains candida in detail: its four causes, why it is much more dangerous and common than generally realized and its effective treatment. Candida is the name of the condition given to a digestive system in which the yeast known as Candida Albacans dominates the digestive system along with as many as 5,000 strains of unfriendly bacteria. The third cause of candida is the chlorine, floride and other chemicals in our tap water and preservatives, flavoring and other chemicals in our common foods of today.
Candid-X is a 24 day treatment that includes the cleansing of the colon for the digestive system and will not require further treatment thereafter unless there is candida in the blood. Don't be fooled by other treatments that only treat Candida and leave its 5,000 friends (unfriendly bacteria) to reinfect as soon as the treatments have stopped. Candid-X treats the yeast and fungus as well as the unfriendly bacteria while leaving the friendly probiotics alone.
In fact, the fatality rate in people suffering from Candida yeast in blood crosses over 50% and this in spite of the range of treatment options available. Apart from that, detection of the Candida antigen can also be an effective way of detection of the Candida in blood of the people concerned.

This is because in diabetes patients, the blood sugar control mechanism has broken down; creating a sugar rich environment that Candida thrives upon. Usually the symptoms manifest themselves as a yeast infection in the genital areas ((thrush, Urinary Tract Infections), on the mouth and respiratory areas of the body.
So drinking a cup of Ceylon Cinnamon Black Tea a day might be an effective Candida fighter. If you are taking daily doses of Cinnamon as part of your Candida fighting strategy, then switch to Ceylon Cinnamon which has ultra low levels (0.04%) of Coumarin. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that you must follow a Candida treatment regimen a month for every year you have had Candida.
If you just drink Cinnamon Tea without even making an attempt at a Candida diet, obviously it is going to take much longer.
All the evidence points to Cinnamon as being more effective than any other Candida treatment options. However, Candidemia (yeast in blood), which is the presence of the Candida fungus in the bloodstream usually, does not affect normal healthy people, but particular groups that are highly susceptible to it. Apart from that, any health condition that leads to compromised immune capabilities such as advanced stages of cancer, severe diabetes, and full-blown AIDS makes a person particularly vulnerable to this infection. The treatment options available in case of Candidemia involve a number of different antifungal medications, which have proven efficacy in dealing with such infections.
People with compromised immune function ought to be always on guard, and maintain good personal hygiene not to provide this opportunistic pathogen with a chance to cause a yeast infection and enter the bloodstream.
Yes, the Candida diet is often extremely restrictive, perhaps too restrictive and can be misleading. Each time we take antibiotics the yeast gets a new big boost and can take over with one series of antibiotics. You could spend months and thousands of dollars trying to treat Candida using products with dangerous side effects or diets that simply do not work.
Candida yeast in blood is most common in people who have a number of underlying health factors contributing to their compromised immune function.
The most preferred drugs for treating Candidemia are Fluconazole, drugs from the Amphotericin B family, or those from the Echinocandin group. In fact, prevention is always going to be the more manageable option instead of treatment in case of Candida yeast infection in blood. And if your Candida yeast infection subsides it might be an indicator that your blood sugar levels might be under control.

Perhaps you can start off with cutting out or dramatically reducing the obvious and easy things that make Candida really bad.
Although the red blood cells carry the oxygen from the lungs, the body also requires the oxygen from alkaline foods. The condition becomes very serious and eventually results in the destruction of the white blood cells and often the red blood cells, thus the destruction of the immune system.
Moreover, it can spread from the blood to various vital organs such as kidney, liver, eyes, and brain, and cause a type of Candida infection known as Invasive Candidemia. In addition to that, Candida in blood is present in high percentage in people taking intravenous drugs, or if they are receiving strong dosage of antibiotic therapy. The type of drug used by the health experts depend upon the state of health of the patient, their age, as well as, the species of Candida involved in the infection. Of course it is most dangerous in the stomach where it will break down the barrier between the stomach lining and blood vessels creating massive stomach pain. A third study found that Cinnamon Oil was effective against three strains of Candida, Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, and Candida krusei.
Just as the body cannot absorb the oxygen from the blood into the essential food, so the body cannot absorb the oxygen from the food into the blood. Taking probiotics helps but usually cannot regain their hold without killing off the yeasts and unfriendly bacteria first. It can also manifest itself as Acne, brain fog, cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema, fungal nail infections, heartburn, joint pain, migraines, psoriasis, respiratory problems and sinus congestion. This is why Candida is often acquired during hospital stays and frequently becomes resistant to antibiotic treatment. Cinnamon combined with other spices like Turmeric, garlic, ginger, cloves can go a long way towards improving your gut health and hopefully get rid of the dreaded Candida.
Fortunately Candida has not been resistant to Cinnamon Oil, which bodes well for its use as a treatment option. That leaves the yeasts and fungus to take over in the absence of those that compete with them.

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