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Please also note that I did a live blood analysis four years after doing this anti-candida diet and it showed very little candida, despite the fact that I had taken pain killers since then, eaten plenty of carbohydrates and only eaten healthy for certain periods of time. I bought his book, the Lifeforce Plan, second-hand, got inspired, and after reading through his website purchased SF-722 (the same product as Candida Force) from the internet, and all the supplements from local health food stores.
I have been a "lacto-ovo vegetarian who eats sea food" for some 12 years but have started eating organic beef steaks during this diet which don't taste too good but make me feel very healthy.
Cravings for sugar and cheese have completely gone by now, and it is true that your taste buds adjust and fruits start tasting very sweet.
Also, I can't find hot brown rice cereal here in London so I am having eggs for breakfast every morning!
All methods are suitable for all diet types: raw food, paleolithic, vegetarian, vegan, mixed eaters, etc. Natural health remedies for: candida, infections, stomach fat, alcoholism, burnout, insulin resistance and diabetes.

To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues. Sorry for the long email but I think this episode is a little complicated so I thought more information might be better. I have had painful period for a long time but Wild Yam cream and not drinking coffee seem to help.
This could be due to less candida, less alcohol, less sugar, or any number of reasons but it is so relaxing to feel like that for such a long time and realise that it is something you can bring about yourself by dietary choices! I had already found another miracle cure for it which was At Last Naturals' 'Wild Yam Cream' - rubbing this on my belly seemed to help the pain. Bob Beck's Electromagnetic Pulser and Blood Electrification devices, as well as some amount of Colloidal Silver (these can all be made home for free but be careful to get it right otherwise it can be dangerous). Honestly I don't know if this is because I have god rid of candida, or only due to having been on a good diet for so long, but it has definitely been good for me nevertheless.

I usually recommend taking Trace Minerals Concentrate at a dosage of 40-80 drops, 2-3 times a day, in the liquid form.
I did not save any money using slightly different vitamin and probiotic products from local health food shops, but I suggest each reader research this for themselves.
I've been having two eggs for breakfast every day, yolks included, and quite a bit of fish as well (for dinner). I got my second period this week and there has been absolutely no pain and no need for wild yam cream!
I have been scrambling eggs in extra virgin olive oil with tomatoes, brown rice, avocado, and seasoning for years.

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