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Yeast infections are very common, in fact a lot more common than you think and affect many men and women today.
6.You may notice a white vaginal discharge, and especially if there is an itch present, suspect candida. Your lifestyle should be your main concern as far as yeast infection recovery is concerned, and that is why I have left some of what I consider to be some of the best information until last in my book Candida Crusher. If you are serious about YOUR HEALTH and want your life back then I would recommend you STOP spending your money on quick fixes and antifungal creams that will only give you short relief and the yeast will come with vengeance next time. Take my quick & free online candida yeast infection quiz to discover how severe is your candida yeast infection. Candida Questions & Answers youtube channel where you can find answer to various candida questions. It’s never a good idea to leave yeast infection untreated as it can lead to many other complications. Unfortunately, not many yeast infections are detected by conventional medical practitioners in my experience, and many are simply dismissed or just treated with antibiotics or other drugs.
This can range from occasional minor discomfort right through to an embarrassing vaginal itch that drives you literally crazy. My book Candida Crusher has an excellent protocol for you to crush your woman’s yeast infection once and for all.
You can get your copy here and get rid of your itch down there once and for all and live happy once again. Candida albicans can cause a severe weakening of the immune system and if it is not recognized and treated in time can cause significant weakness of a person’s immune system, even leading to a major immune malfunction and possibly even contributing to premature death.

It is important to remember that yeast infections favor the dark, warm and moist areas of your body, including the vagina and groin region, armpits, the rectal area, and the ear, nose and throat which are all potential yeast infection hot spots. I have seen women take all manner of drugs from their doctor to relieve various yeast-related digestive discomforts including heartburn drugs, acid blockers, and constipation aids including laxatives. I have certainly noticed that some women who are affected by a yeast infection can tend to have some difficulties in mental, emotional and particularly in physical coordination. A yeast infection needs feeding, just like a baby does and will prompt you to supply it with a steady source of food.
Sex may be a big turn-off if you have a yeast infection, and your partner may even be transferring the infection back to you. Some patients I have seen complain of wheezing, and are in the habit of coughing up phlegm or mucus in the morning, some have a blocked nose (often on one side), recurrent sinusitis which can be AFS (allergic fungal sinusitis). Take a look at what mercury does to your gut; every time you swallow you ingest a tiny amount of methylated mercury in your bowel on which candida can potentially thrive. William Crook (The Yeast Connection) pointed out that the influence of lifestyle was paramount in both the creation and the ultimate recovery from a yeast infection. Some women end up at their gastroenterologist to have an endoscopy or colonoscopy to investigate their digestive pains only to be told that all is well.  Suspect a yeast infection if all the investigations reveal what you doctor calls NAD. The corners of your mouth may be cracked, your throat may be dry and lot and so can your mouth. This can be of enormous benefit to you, as you will be side-stepping those foods and drinks that are challenging your immune system the most.
Their co-ordination can range from feeling a little dizzy at times right through to feeling stoned or drunk for no apparent reason.

Trips to the toilet may be quite uncomfortable and cause a stinging or burning sensation, making you think you have a urinary tract infection when in fact it could well be a yeast infection. You may have a recurrent sore throat, swallowing can be difficult for some, and you may even be prescribed an antacid because the doctor says you have heartburn. Some female patients have been harder to diagnose when it comes to nail infections due to nail polish and artificially overlaid nails.
Many women commonly do, and most with a yeast infection can really relate to some kind of sweet craving. There are lots of hints and tips on how to finally beat that fungal nail infection once and for all in the book Candida Crusher, so be sure to read all about it. You will be able to read a lot more about these kinds of changes in my book Candida Crusher, where I outline the role of Candida metabolites like gliotoxins and mannan, and how they are linked with mental and emotional changes.
My book Candida Crusher outlines in detail how and why many women like sweet things in their diet, and how to finally overcome these sweet cravings and addictions once and for all. Who knows, this may be the number one reason why you just can’t seem to lose weight in spite of all the dieting and exercising you have tried!

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