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16.10.2014 admin
Welcome to our new venture, we are shifting some gears and are going to start getting back to our roots by crafting some of the finest Badger Hair Shaving Brushes available on the market. A while back now I bought a handsome looking secondhand shaving brush on eBay, the handle was very fine marble but the knot could have been better.
I then set about removing the old knot from the brush and promptly broke the marble handle. So I got in touch with Fido at New Forest Brushes who also writes the authoritative shaving brush blog and asked him who makes the best custom brushes in the UK.

Custom Yew Silvertip Badger shaving brush, letter, spare handle, travelling tube and wooden pen. So out of the disaster of breaking the marble brush handle I now a have a special, unique, very high quality brush which is a work of art as well as being a functional tool. When it arrived I measured the knot size with a vernier and ordered a replacement from The Golden Knib, who are the major supplier of shaving brush knots to the traditional shaving community.
And the whole exercise has cost very little compared with buying an equivalent top end shaving brush off a shop shelf.

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