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Its unique space-saving design actually gives you more surface area then most similar corner clamps while not having any clumsy, protruding handles or screws. Most mass produced clamps are stamped, molded or die-cast distant cousins from the precise proto-types they started out as. You'll find the Woodpecker Box Clamp to be at least as precise as your high-end layout square and robust enough to deliver a lifetime of consistent reliable service. The secret to its compact functionality is it's tapered wedge design, (only one moving part), that simultaneously pushes the mating materials down and in with less than two turns of the screw while applying an enormous amount of clamping force.
Even just one Box Clamp will save you time and aggravation as it instantly squares up your pieces and holds them in place for gluing, screwing or nailing.
Sold in pairs, 4-packs, 8-packs, or value 12-clamp value packs, these clamps dramatically simplify the assembly of boxes, drawers, and especially large cabinet or shelving projects by reducing or even eliminating the need for heavy, expensive bar clamps.Not using bar clamps also means that clamping pressure can't pull the assembly out of square, too.

TheBC4-M2 Box Clamps work like extra hands in keeping project parts aligned at 90 degree angles, both at corners and T-shaped intersections where shelves meet case sides.They're also great for dry-assembling projects while trimming parts to fit (finalizing the lengths of shelf boards, for instance).
The open-sided design works for butt joints, rabbets, T-shaped joints, miter joints, box joints, dovetails, and more. Box Clamps are sold in pairs, but you save more when you order clamps in 4-packs, 8-packs, or 12-clamp value packs using the options selector above.
The Box Clamp was designed to take up the least amount of space while offering more, dead-true clamping surface then other comparable clamps.
And unlike bar clamps, they leave the assembled corners completely accessible for driving nails or screws (even pocket hole screws).
They're virtually indestructible and heavier than you might expect; each clamp weighs over a half pound and comes with hardware for both hand as well as fixture use.

It can be used as part of a clamping fixture for assembly of multiple, identical assemblies or un- fixtured for large cumbersome projects. We carefully machine each and every clamp from a solid billet of stress-relieved aluminum to ensure dead-square accuracy in each and every direction so every clamp is as perfect as the last one.

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