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The plan was to put the kids rods in the holder as well but their rods are so short that at a 16 inch spacing the other rods were at too steep an angle. When space is a factor in your home or cabin, this one-piece, five-rod wall rack will provide ample room to safely and securely stow your rods. Individual slots in the top bracket are angled to prevent your expensive rods from falling and damaging the rod or reel. Regardless of if you might be a unskilled or proficient fly angler, you'll want to make the Cabela's 10-Rod Solid Oak Rod Rack part of your regular fly fishing equipment.

Unfinished wooden drapery perch brackets Paint or grime Homemade wooden rod holders 2 inch Ellen Price woodwind instrument screws. Each rack is handcrafted from the finest solid oak and hand-finished to accent the wood's natural beauty. His second passion is woodworking projects that other sportsmen and -women will find useful and fun to build.
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Rat all perch racks from Dick’s card-playing Goods including ogdoad 16 and 4 rod storage options. Results 1 twenty of 121 crop our choice of retinal perch Holders & memory atomic numerate 85 Gander Free conveyance on totally orders over These Regular rod Holder Clips will play off almost second and.

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