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Being that I enjoy camping in places where there is no running water or electricity, I see a fair amount of wooden outhouses every year. 877 Outhouse royalty free pictures and photos available to download from thousands of stock photographers. This serves the dual purpose of adding modern comfort and outhouse bathroom decor and, provided the toilet seat you choose has a lid, helping tamp down outhouse odors.
You may want to add wood chips or sawdust each time you use it so that the material will compost. Then you add a fully-enclosed bench inside with a toilet-sized hole for seating and voila’, you have an outhouse.

This is just one of many embellishments you can add to ecological outhouses to make them more visually appealing and non smelly. To add some visual appeal to your outhouse designs you can hang shingles, tongue-and-groove, board-and-batting or other simple siding, or you can paint the outside of the outhouse solid white, deep red or even in a colorful nature-inspired design. An old-school way to reduce outhouse odors is to keep a bag of lime or lye inside with a cup for sprinkling a bit on top of your waste each time you use it. For a truly ecological outhouse, a more modern alternative to that is to use sawdust or wood chips as they serve the same purpose but also compost and facilitate composting of the waste. Instead of, or in addition to, a solid wood paneled door you can install a screen door and enjoy a bug-free view of your yard (provided you’ve placed it right for privacy).

If the hole ever fills up you will need to dig another and drag the outhouse over top of it.
Many green public outhouses now exist throughout the nation to provide additional inspiration.
In the summer we keep a can of lime in the outhouse and some of that is sprinkled down the hole occasionally to keep the odor down.

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