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The Grandfather Clock 3-dimensional (3D) puzzle is fun and easy to assemble for kids ages 6 and up. Also known as longcase or tallcase clocks, grandfather clocks are easily recognisable by their tall wooden frames, chimes and long pendulums.
Grandfather clocks were developed during the mid-seventeenth century, shortly after the swinging pendulum was introduced into clock technology. The structure of the grandfather clock is one of its most distinguishing features, and below is a list of the components common to its design.
The types of antique grandfather clocks available are often categorised in different ways, but no one way is more correct than another.
Components - Antique clocks are over one hundred years old and some of the internal pieces may have been replaced with modern parts, changing their value. Condition - A buyer should check to see if any wood finishing or glass is damaged or scratched. Price Comparison - If there are clocks of similar make and age on eBay, a buyer should compare prices. Transport - Antique clocks are precision instruments, discuss with the eBay sellers a suitable transportation arrangement.
Swinging back and forth in the cabinet of the clock, pendulums can often be ornately designed from a variety of metals, with symmetrical patterns on the lyre and differently sized bobs.
The carpentry behind antique grandfather clocks is often shaped and carved in attractive fashions, with special consideration taken to the bonnet on the top of the cabinet. Antique clocks are often regarded for the wood that they are built from, such as oak, beech or mahogany.
Antique grandfather clocks generally come with one of two options for winding: a key, or a falling weight. As with most antique clocks, do not allow a grandfather clock to overheat as it may warp the fragile components and damage the exterior.
Treat a clock’s antique wood finish in the same fashion to antique wood furniture, ensuring dust, moisture and pests do not jeopardise its quality. An antique grandfather clock is generally hand-wound, and must be wound regularly taking care not to overwind. Care should be taken with the moving of pendulum clocks, as damage can occur with untimed movement of the pendulum.

When changing the time, care should be taken to only wind the minute hand counter clockwise. If cleaning the cabinet, a slightly damp cloth may be used, but care must be taken to not use silicone-based polish as it can harm the clock’s finish. Due to their complexity and engineering, antique grandfather clocks should have any serious repair or cleaning performed by a professional. Once you determine the type of antique grandfather clock you want to purchase, visit the Antiques portal on eBay, select Clocks and start searching item listings.
Search eBay listing titles for specific words when shopping for antique grandfather clocks.
Those wishing to purchase an antique grandfather clock can look forward to the enjoyment of the historical timepieces. Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Grandfather Clock.
English clockmaker William Clement is often regarded as the designer of the first grandfather clocks.
Decorating hallways and living rooms with a piece of history, these large but intricately designed clocks combine the mechanics of a pendulum with the aesthetics of its movement and sound. Some pieces made in the Morbier region of France during the late seventeenth century are known as ‘Comtoise’ clocks, and have highly ornate pendulums with curved lines in the cabinet design. Below is listed some factors to consider when looking through a selection of grandfather clocks.
The difference in wood species will often not only change the value, but also the colour and weight of the piece.
Exhibiting both the clock’s hands and also the moon dial, there are many intricate differences to their designs. Keys are placed in the clock’s keyhole and turned, whereas weights are pulled up to their starting position using a chain.
Grandfather clocks should not be placed too close to working fireplaces, and should be left out of direct sunlight. For example, to find an oak grandfather clock, type ‘Oak Grandfather Clock’ into the search box, and then click the Advanced button to customise the results. By considering the points in the guide of the above points, buyers can also be sure that they are getting the right clock for their needs, as they will have a better understanding of what defines each as an antique, the parts and types of antique grandfather clocks that are likely to be found, as well as some guides for maintenance.

This elegant grandfather clock is a great conversation piece, and is sure to be a sophisticated touch to any home.
The results we show for the keyword Grandfather Clock will change over time as new trends develop in the associated keyword catoegory and market.
The pre-cut wooden pieces simply push out of the plywood sheets and make a functional grandfather clock. Other varieties such as the ‘Bornholm’ clocks of Sweden have a curved cabinet that resembles a potbelly.
Also visit eBay’s Search Tipsppage for more advice on searching for antique grandfather clocks with keywords. Once you have collected this information, you can buy an antique grandfather clock safely and securely on eBay.. This guide aims to assist those interested in grandfather clocks with considerations such as what distinguishes one as an antique, the selection available on the antique market, the specific features to look for, and methods for their care and maintenance. Though regarded as beautiful, clock technology took several more years before it could tell accurate time, and it was in Britain where some of the finest quality pieces were first crafted and sold around the world.
Many designs are simply described by using the name of their manufacturer, such as ‘a William Lassell,’ or the wood, such as beech, that they were made from. With these points in mind, a buyer can be better prepared to introduce the right grandfather clock to their collection or home.
Ornamentation to the face and cabinet changed throughout the following centuries, and by the early 1900s, many grandfather clocks had stunningly crafted dials and were often fitted with quarter-hour chimes. The year 1930 is also considered by some to be a time measure for the term, but regardless of which is applied, an antique grandfather clock is unique due to its age, as well as its construction.
Each grandfather clock is unique, but the differences found in their woodwork, ornamentation and the century of manufacture will define the clock further for the buyer.

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