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More than 25 years ago, Ameristar became the first wood gate hardware manufacturer to apply a polyester powder coat to its latches and hinges. Gate kits with latches, hinges and handles are available for single and double drive gates, as well as accessories such as gate springs, gate anti-sag kits and cane bolts (also referred to as drop rods). Our Anchor style is a traditional western style look with tall hinge pins and wide ornamental straps.

Continental style offers a narrower ornamental hinge strap and thumb latch which can be used for gates that open inward.
An economical choice, our Universal style hinge and latch options are for lighter weight gate applications. These hinges, coupled with Ameristar's post mounted self-engaging latches, are ideal for wood gates that open out and they provide the optimum combination of function and fresh design.

Ameristar's wood gate hardware makes a decorative addition to any wood gate application and provides the durability and strength you deserve.

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