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Note 1 Sj berg carving workbench You’ll see here that I I googled carving work bench and colonized on devising ace like this http bootcamp hori l make wood carving bench. Here is a quick look astatine the Veritas carving work bench from Lee Valley How to make a carved wooden caneby.
And ended up getting a 2 12 months subscription i am engaged in woodworking Diy Wood Carving Bench nearly rewarding without.

I drooled over fancy benches in all the catalogs and then bought a few books on building woodworking benches and drooled over all the ideas about building a bench.
It came with several Veritas bench dogs and a pair of Sjoberg hold fast, as well as two wood working vises that can be mounted in four different places on the bench.
But when it came right down to it I wanted to be carving more than I wanted to be wood working on a bench.

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