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27.11.2015 admin
A combination of smoothed light wood cutouts construct a sweet archetypal locomotive with moveable wheels, a chimney, and a smoke box. Last week I was rooting for a fellow Craft Wars Vet (Mandi) to take home the 10k prize and Craft Wars champion title. My remaining to-do list coupled with practically no crafting time left triggered a painting frenzy and a snap decision to forgo the structural rigidity of staples for a hefty amount of hot glue. I made my first dandelion seed head using the small pointed tip, included with the tool, on the bottom of the box just to get a feel for the tool, wood and the shape of the individual seed heads.

Since the Pop Craft challenge is the fastest hour ever I decided to try and save time by building my main structure out of two castaway dollar store wooden jewelry boxes and a package of flat craft sticks. If you feel that you want to practice your wood burning before working on a box I would recommend these Wood Circle Cutouts.
A smaller box would hold a gift card and then she can keep the box for lots of different uses. Leave your verdict in the comments section below and don’t forget to watch Craft Wars tonight and every Tuesday night at 8 eastern, 7 central 5 pacific time.

For more fun Craft Wars inspiration visit my fellow Craft Wars Vets blogs and keep an eye out for more Craft Wars projects every week!

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