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Click on the images below to preview sample floor plan drawings included in the ExampleDrawings.zip file. Office building design is the most basic and the most important part of any buildings, it will provide everything necessary before it is going to be built. The look of your house starts to get boring and boring again as it resembles the general house design around your place. The standard floor plan designs listed on this page for modular offices, and other commercial modular buildings represent just a small selection of what are available from Ramtech Building Systems.
Office building is quite different from general buildings such as houses, villas or cabins. These standard floor plan designs can also be used as a basis or starting point to develop custom floor plans as well. Office building is a bit similar with any huge buildings such as apartments or hotels since office buildings must provide the worker a workplace for them to work. So, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, please call or email us with your requirements and a Ramtech commercial building specialist will begin the process of helping you meet your facility expansion needs and goals.

There are three most basic and most important building designs, plans, and ideas.Office Building Design Ideas and Building Design PlansFirst of all, the most important thing before thinking other office building design or plans is the location.
You can find Small Office Building Floor Plans guide and see the latest Office Building Design, Plans, and Ideas in here.
Location is the heart of every foundation and can be considered as the fortune for the building itself.
People will always hate a workplace with a dirty surrounding, but they will have a good impression if the place has a good surrounding such as plains or greens. Designers should choose really carefully about the location, if they do not just consider the office is as good as gone. Everything should be thought carefully before you lay a single brick.Location and Its Role as the Heart of FoundationSecond thing for office building design that must be thought is orientation.
Orientation is the one which determines the exact numbers and places for the rooms to be placed inside the building for the workers to work because they will deal with the sun path. Many people rarely thought about this since their office buildings are closed tight and rely on lamps.

Some people may think that it is not that important if they have extremely strong foundation from the basement to highest floor of the building itself, for flatland and non-climate area they may be right. But how if the location is not flatland and have windy climate, their perception is wrong and the building will crumble in matter of months or years.
You should really consider this if you want to design a climatologically responsive building.
In other words a good office building design is one which have good location that is easy to reach and close to emergency building such as hospitals or fire departments, also a place which let sun light pass through the building to provide the light for the room itself, and lastly the wind direction that can strengthen your foundation and also provide your surrounding with wind.

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