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Fabric covered buildings have become a very popular storage solution in the agricultural industry.
Depending on your municipality, the building permit approval process is often much simpler when building a fabric covered structure.
Boiler rooms are often described as the “hottest areas of the greenhouse.” This does not have to be the case.
Whatever type of lighting used in the greenhouse (fluorescent, HID or LED), there are decisions that are made that can greatly influence energy conservation. After 17 years working in a greenhouse it was time for another career change, and I joined the GGS group, initially as a project manager for various greenhouse construction projects.
Before you start your next building project with a greenhouse manufacturer, make sure they are ETWW (Easy to Work With). Every greenhouse manufacturer is different, and some are more willing than others to accommodate requests for modifications. For customers who are not clear on their greenhouse design requirements from the start, GGS will work with you to develop rough greenhouse layouts, and multiple options to consider. We deliver hundreds of greenhouse orders error-free every year, but when we do make a mistake it is essential that we fix the error as quickly and as effectively as possible. Is your greenhouse manufacturer looking at how they can assist you with more than just the greenhouse purchase.
Regardless of how well-made greenhouse structures are,  how efficiently ventilation systems work, or how easy it is to build, it is the people inside the company that make or break it.
If you’re planning a greenhouse expansion and want to deal with an ETWW manufacturer, contact us now and we will do our best to prove to you that GGS is the easiest greenhouse manufacturer to work with. Since building a new greenhouse is generally determined after production demand is assessed, this is the logical first step for establishing the size of the greenhouse footprint. Now consider the environment you need for optimum plant growth, and talk to your GGS rep about how extra under gutter height, additional ventilation, glazing material options, and the different styles of greenhouses can improve or detract from the environment you want.

If all this is starting to sound like too much… we haven’t even gotten into all the greenhouse options. There were several companies talking to us about greenhouse designs for Washington and Colorado, and many of the Nevada licence holders talked to us about building warehouse grow rooms. If you didn’t get to talk to us at the show, and you are in the process of designing a warehouse or greenhouse marijuana cultivation facility, contact us now.
In designing an efficient facility to grow medical marijuana, it is important that a well thought out plan is prepared and agreed to. GGS has designed, manufactured,and installed commercial greenhouse structures since 1979 and is the No. Illumitex has radically transformed traditional LED design with the creation of LED lighting that emits highly uniform and precise illumination directly from the source to the plant canopy.  With die-level optical integration, inefficient secondary optics to control the light are unnecessary, opening the world of horticulture lighting to more versatile and energy efficient options than ever before imagined. 1.Just because you are a good greenhouse grower doesn't mean you know how to grow cannabis. As marijuana production and use continues to top news stories, I am curious to know what the greenhouse community thinks of these new marijuana trends. Here at GGS, we have found that our Tasco Dome brand of fabric covered buildings are becoming the leading choice for storage amongst greenhouse growers.
Today’s grower is always conscious of efficiency, especially when dealing with energy, as it is the second greatest expense of a greenhouse operation.
Understanding the complexities and the benefits of all the systems that go into commercial environmental controlled greenhouses from the grower side was definitely an advantage in making sure new greenhouse construction projects went together smoothly.
After the project is done your greenhouse manufacturer should be able to fully stand behind their work, and if you have questions or concerns, their sales professionals should continue to work with you until your issues are resolved.
For a greenhouse manufacturer or any other company to be easy to work with, the staff needs to be exceptional, and have the skills and the mindset to improve every day. When retrofitting your greenhouse is not the answer a new construction expansion may be more what you need.

Whether you need to store your machinery, equipment, or even biomass fuel for your greenhouse, Tasco Domes can accommodate any storage scenario you can dream up.
Whether it’s in the greenhouse or the warehouse, cold air will infiltrate that area and extra energy is needed to warm it again. Whether for a quote, an order, follow up on a construction project, or researching what greenhouse design options are available, you to have a positive impression. Do they provide optional turnkey solutions including construction project management for customers who do not want to be tied up managing a greenhouse build and coordinating with all the sub trades. We discussed greenhouses, warehouses, irrigation, lighting, chillers vs HVAC systems, environmental controls and the value of an integrated system when looking to maximize yields. Often heat system installations get to a point where everything is working as designed but the finishing touches are left incomplete. Don’t hesitate to use your greenhouse manufacturer and greenhouse construction company to help you with the planning process. You should always get a qualified greenhouse heating engineer like Niagrow to review your current greenhouse heating and your expansion plans.
Marijuana greenhouses licensed for growing recreational marijuana will likely have less restrictions and potentially less capital investment requirements. But medical marijuana licensed greenhouses may be able to get the first to market advantage, and will likely be capable of rapidly increasing cannabis production when recreational marijuana boundaries are removed even further.
For example, custom post spacing to account for door placement can be accomplished easily within our modular greenhouse design options. And we have experience with assisting growers with GMP requirements and Health Canada requirements for Medical Marijuana for both warehouse cannabis growing and growing cannabis inside a greenhouse.

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