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Of course, we want you all to be able to build one too so we have FREE Printable plans for you!
And, as always, I’ve provided my tutorial pictures to make it even easier for you to create your own! I did add 3 coats of Varathayne polyurethane to the table in, matte finish, with a bristle brush. And we have built a TON of tables over the years ¬†You can click the images for the tutorials! Hi, my husband and father are building me this design for Mother’s Day but seem to have come to a small problem. I will share a few pics from my build, and you can see the full set of plans for this table HERE on Ana’s site!
I want one a bit bigger but I am asking my son-in-law to get started on it as soon as possible:),I have been wanting a farmhouse or library table forever and this is perfect.

The places you will need to fill in this table are not noticeable at all so those should be fine.
They are screwing the top boards for the top of the table together and one board has started to split at the end.
Our table is built (my husband’s first time to build anything) and we are nervous to stain it in fear of messing it up.
I basically took the dimensions for the table and reduced by half with a few modifications. I don’t want to go ahead with the rest of the table build only to have the whole project sub-par. We have 8 children so we have been in the market for a table like this but the cheapest we found was almost $4,000!!!
Unless you are planning on building the benches to go with it, it’s an impractical table.

The only thing that I would add to the plans is to secure the table top with scrap wood pieces screwed up from the bottom. With a regular chair, it is difficult to get in and out because the X-cross beams block free movement of your legs. I also want it to be a bit wider than normal so there is plenty of room in the center of the table for the food.

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