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Social media is a collection of platforms in which all users can produce and broadcast content online.
Even advertizing on social media platforms gives better results than advertizing with Google or putting ads on websites. Social media is improving the efficiency of communication and is already a vital component in many endeavors.
Today, social media plays a crucial role in driving web traffic to your website and also in popularizing it.

Many social media sites have evolved and people have found ways to use them for business purposes as well.Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be a great way to generate new business by using your existing network of friends.
Other sites such as social bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, etc.) can generate traffic to your website from articles that you post.
The impact of Social Media is huge for certain industries, but unfortunately it is not for everyone, at least not just yet. This brings to the idea that in the near future, most social media sites are no longer free.

But until then we should enjoy the present and use this social media like facebook for the good of our business and personal endeavor.

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