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If you’re an accountant, you can help clients with their taxes, or small businesses with their accounts. These are just a few ideas to get your brain working but you can get the help you need thinking of more.
They help you become comfortable with the idea of selling your services, tweaking your offer and understanding what clients are looking for.
Get out there and get started! These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to starting a freelance business! Starting your own freelance paralegal business can be inexpensive and profitable, if you know what to do and how to do it, and there are 1,000’s of articles, books, and workshops on the subject. Posts related to How to Start a Freelance Paralegal Business 5 Steps to Getting Freelance Paralegal Work Using Online Job BoardsWhether you run your own freelance paralegal business or you just want to earn some extra cash, job boards are an excellent way to find freelance paralegal work.
However, before purchasing any how-to program, consider laying the foundation for a basic online business by following these mostly free, but always inexpensive, steps. Riseden is a freelance paralegal providing research, document preparation, and writing services to both attorneys and non-attorneys.
The first step to setting up your freelance paralegal business is to create a fabulous website that draws in potential clients and makes them want to hire you. Visitors to your website should be able to tell what you do and what the purpose of your site is within a few seconds of arriving. Your contact page should include an email address and a phone number where potential clients can reach you.

When accepting jobs through one of the freelance job sites, you may not need a contract, as the site provides the employer with an easy contract creation tool, and all you will have to do is accept it.
Now that you are all set up and looking like a professional business owner, it is time to get some clients! Make sure you submit a listing for your business in any business directory that you can find. Create a flyer, brochure, or advertisement letter to mail to attorneys in your county and the surrounding counties. As you complete jobs for clients, ask them to submit a review on the freelance job site you used to find the job, or directly to you for posting on your website. 4 Steps to Start a Typing Documents BusinessLegal document preparation services, or document typing businesses, are springing up all over the country, and many paralegals are cashing in on this freelance opportunity. You can do this using a free website service such as Webs or, contact the folks at Designer Hosting, and mention Paralegal Alliance, for a $5.00 a month webhosting package that provides you with personal attention and help doing everything from setting up your site to landing your first client. Think very carefully about the title of your site and the images and text that you put on the first page. Gather some pleadings, motions, and briefs you have drafted, redact them, and include them on your site.
For clients who found you through your website or some other means, however, you may want to have one ready. Instead of just waiting for them to find your website, set up profiles on some freelance job sites and find some clients yourself.

It allows you to bid on up to 25 jobs a week for free, and does not limit your ability to view or bid on jobs in any category you choose. You may change your one category at any time, but it takes a few days for changes to be complete.
Your contract should include your hourly rate, a space to fill in the services being provided for each client, a non-disclosure clause at a minimum.
You may even want to consider having a professional design your page’s cover image so that it matches your website. You may bid on jobs outside of your chosen category, if you are invited to do so by the person who posted the job. Do a great job for your clients, so they leave you a good rating and review, and before you know it, you will be invited to apply for so many jobs, you will not have to go looking for them anymore. Elance and Odesk both offer widgets that display your ratings, job titles, and other information about the jobs you are currently doing and those you have successfully completed directly on your website.
You may want to run a search at your favorite search engine, for freelance paralegals and review other freelancers’ websites to see what they are charging and what types of services they offer.

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