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An online social media community is a group of people, independent of physical location that maintains and cultivates a mutual interest, concern, affiliation or involvement. Decide if your efforts are going to the right things: Once you know what your community wants and where you are expending your resources, you can decide if your focus is on the right things or if you need to shift your attention to another venue. Continue re-evaluating your community and its context: As your community evolves and members come and go, occasionally re-evaluate your community and how you can meet its needs. Social Strategy1’s in-depth research and analysis can help you and your business identify your community, find out what they care about and engage with them at a deep and meaningful level. First, the definition of bilingual – communicating in two languages fluently, or to further define language, communicating in two different methods of exchanging information fluently.
In the best-selling book, Bowling Alone, author Robert Putnam laments the loss of social groups like bowling leagues and membership clubs.

Just like those who are bilingual with spoken languages, those who are bilingual in social networks can flow in between the virtual and physical world seamlessly, fluently, without even thinking about it. One example of a bilingual social network is CreativesDC, a virtual social network of 300 creatives (and growing) in Washington DC that meet up face-face once a month to network, experience interactive performances, and introduced to other social networks and crowdsourcing opportunities. Your geographic community is no longer restricted to the people who come into your store, or even to the people in your neighborhood or town. Your social media community includes Facebook and Twitter followers and those who engage with you on your forums and message boards, read and repost your blogs, and search for you online.
Identify the areas where you devote the most resources, such as in blogging, content creation, SEO and social media engagement.
Change is inevitable, so you want to be ready to respond to shifts in community interests and expectations.

Contact us today for more information on how our social media monitoring and reporting services can tell you what your community wants and expects from businesses like yours. It is within this online social media community that you will find your most dedicated customers and supporters. Further refine your image of your community by using tools such as Facebook and website analytics, inbound and outbound destinations, keywords used in searches and demographic data.
Think of it as the light-hearted opposite of a community coming together to build a dam of sandbags during a natural disaster.

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