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Social media left an indelible mark on 2014, and we're not just talking about that epic celebrity-packed selfie at the Oscars. The business of social media is finally maturing as more marketers flock to the medium to drive sales and other meaningful business objectives. Here are 14 creative, timely and, in some cases, crazy, examples of how organizations achieved social media success.

2) Top 10 Jobs by Salary for Social Media ProsOf the 20 most common jobs that require social media skills, 11 pay above the national average with a median salary of $43,400. These are the 10 most common jobs, ranked by their median respective salaries that require social media skills.3) Ten Social Media Certifications and Classes to Advance Your CareerWhile some of the mavens, superstars and self-described ninjas of social media may have taught themselves everything they know, formal training and education is a necessity for almost everyone else. These are some of the top certification programs and classes to advance your career in social media today.

However, new research highlights the recipes companies are using to evolve internal processes, structure and culture to match the evolution in customers' behavior.9) How 'Facebook at Work' Could Alter the Social Enterprise LandscapeFacebook is readying a new social network for the workplace that could represent the purest manifestation of the consumerization of IT movement to date.

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