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Social media content strategy is important when you are trying to reach a particular demographic within a number of different channels. Be aware of how your content is perceived by your market and how you can offer information that is seen as meaningful and important. In a recent post Altimeter, the social media strategy folks, posted a great graphic on the Social Media Hour Glass. Being a firm believer in the role of content in social media, I took Altimeters’ hourglass and mapped out what content would look like against the Social Media Hourglass. This model only looks at the role of content while fully aware of the place all the other on and off-line marketing has on happy customer and a sale.
Consideration – Once aware, you relay on your website, customer reviews, social content, blogs, and other content to further more a customer toward your product.

The most interested customers will want as much detail as they can get, so landing pages, videos and other more detailed content becomes more important.
Support – After the purchase your support content needs to be consistent with pre-purchase and be available across multiple platforms. Loyalty – Building loyalty through email, rewards programs, recognition requires content geared toward the budding Advocate. Advocacy – Advocates need more information and content to share than the average fan. Today, the vehicles for sharing content are many and they require different tactics for each to engage prospects and maintain customers.
Plan when to post your content and on which channels but make sure you don’t bombard your audience.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube all offer unique opportunities to engage your market and promote your brand.
Keep evolving your content over time, according to what is happening in your marketplace and the needs and interests of your audience. Let CMA handle your social media campaign and maintain the consistent presence needed to effectively raise awareness.

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