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Each week our blogs will discuss and analyze social media sites and how they affect a current event or controversy in today's society. A growing number of job hunters are turning their blogging skills or experience setting up Facebook Fan pages into new careers in social media. But don’t get me wrong, just because you have a Facebook or Twitter and use it everyday does not mean you are qualified for a social media job.
Since social media is such a young industry, there aren’t many professionals with years of experience.

Employers are looking for people who have technical skills, smart and effective communication, and marketing experience.
Emily Bennington, who helps college graduates transition into careers with her company, Professional Studio 365, thinks that social media jobs are a terrific opportunity for new grads because they’re coming into the workforce for the first time in decades with a better understanding of something than the people who are hiring them (Grant).
Bernhard Warner, editor of Social Media Influence (a London Based Industry Newsletter), stated that social media jobs are becoming a vital part of what companies do, and that’s good news for job seekers in such a brutal market.
Our generation uses and understands social media sites much better than those who are in the generations before us. mobile al
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