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Un ex-colega ingles me comento que estaba realizando una auditoria de Social Media, tarea que me parecio super interesante. Como Social Media Manager en una agencia de marketing, el tiene que hacer la auditoria de Social Media de varias grandes empresas que son clientes de la agencia. Viendo varias empresas y sus estrategias de Social Media te habras dado cuenta que muchas no tienen coherencia ni sentido. Susana Villalobos – Tu Coach de Marketing y Social MediaSusana te da tips y astucias acerca de como conseguir clientes y como vender con la mejor estrategia de marketing online a traves de su blog, sus ebooks y su Newsletter.
Social networking uses an array of tools and websites enabling users to connect with friends, businesses, colleagues and charitable organizations in online communities and forums.
Graphique Communications Design uses our expertise and knowledge of Social Media and Social Networking to help you drive more volume and quality traffic to your website. If you've done a social media or content strategy, then this is really just a review to see if your current social media approach is addressing the objectives set forth by the organisation.
This includes other related channels with a social media tie-in, such as newsletters, websites, etc. This includes non-quantifiable measures, such as branding consistency across the platforms and social media integration between all online communication channels.
If this has already been set when the social media strategy has been created, this is a good time to review if the initial goals are achievable. Social Media Communications Audit - This is a document that offers a very comprehensive guidelines for nonprofits to conduct a social media audit.
How to Conduct a Social Media Audit - This post at Social Fresh offers some ideas on what types of things to look out for in a social media audit. We're making our Social Media Dashboard Template available in the July, August, and September 2012 issue of our free monthly e-newsletter. Whether marketers like it or not, consumers are now generating over 25% of content that appears in web searches for specific brand names, and consumers often trust those social media messages more than advertising or news articles about the brand. Research has shown that this “electronic word-of-mouth” is seen as reliable by consumers and significantly affects a firm’s perceived value. Finally, each observation is scored as either a problem or an opportunity to help determine appropriate marketing action in the social strategy.
Conducting a social media audit following this template helps compel companies to figure out each channel’s purpose and key performance indicators. HP developed a new Business Answers LinkedIn group and recruited a focused target audience of users by title, company, and association affiliations.

Social media marketing is not about completely giving up all control of the brand, but changing methods to maintain influence in the new consumer-controlled social media reality. Ello me animo a escribir este articulo que te va a ayudar a verificar si estas haciendo bien tu estrategia de Social Media y realizar las correcciones necesarias.
Si tu no quieres caer (o continuar) en el mismo error, te recomiendo realizar una auditoria de Social Media.
Si tienes un logo y colores que identifican tu marca, usalos en cada perfil social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, etc. Most times it just takes a seasoned social media professional with a fresh set of eyes to look at what you are doing and make a few key tweaks that will accelerate your efforts.
Most companies realize that they are at a competitive disadvantage if they do not harness the power of social media, but they do not know where to begin. Social Media and Social Networking are two of the most cost effective internet marketing strategies that not only drive measurable return on your investment but also help solidify your brand’s position in your given market or industry.
Business is developed through Social Media by creating online communities for people that share the same interests. In fact, the longer you've been doing social media without any actual metrics and performance monitoring, the more challenging it can be to put together useful data in order to improve your social media use. In this post, we'll share with you a simplified step-by-step suggestion on how you can go about with your social media audit. When HP needed to change their perception of only being for larger corporations, their laptop and desktop business unit turned to social media. The brand could think of hashtags, apps, or contests to motivate additional brand sharing with user-generated content and recommendations from insights gathered in the social media audit.
The social media audit tool helps marketers make sense of the many opportunities these platforms offer by allowing marketers to see their brands from the perspective of the consumer. Con ella podras ver si estas por buen camino, descubrir tus errores y realizar las medidas correctivas para mejorar tu estrategia de Social Media. Una auditoria de Social Media te ayudara a entender  que inversiones (de tiempo o dinero) estan dando resultado y en las que debes enfatizar para acelerar tu exito, asi como ver cuales son tus fallas y realizar las acciones correctivas. Hay empresas que estan en las redes sociales para promover la marca, otras para aumentar sus ventas, otras para reducir costos (servicio al cliente en un Foro o en Twitter en lugar de por telefono) simplemente para controlar su e-reputacion. Our comprehensive Social Media Audit provides a 360 degree look at your existing strategy and results, identifies what is working, what is not and makes actionable and specific recommendations to “right the ship”.

Each Social Media Strategic Plan we create is custom built for the client with their specific niche and budget in mind. From the evaluation of your existing initiatives to a comprehensive competitive analysis and detailed online brand representation report, a Social Media Audit accomplishes the Research and Discovery phase of any long-term strategic plan, but without a heavier financial commitment. List all Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, mini sites, blogs, and other channels that you're using in social media.
Their marketing agency OgilvyOne first audited the discussion on the channel by listening to what was being said in and around the brand. Instead of simply advertising small and medium-size services, they took the time to audit their digital presence from the target audiences’ perspective. An expert in social media and digital marketing, he is author of Social Media Strategy: Marketing and Advertising in the Consumer Revolution.
We will identify the right social media channels to use to best reach their prospects and create a content and engagement strategy around their brand image, products, services and core company values.
Many of the clients who come to us for a Social Media Audit, Social Media Strategic Plan or Content Marketing Plan also add our Social Media Advice and Support service. After the September 2012 issue, the social media dashboard template will be made available to the general public for a small fee.
It’s a systematic examination of social data to help marketers discover, categorize, and evaluate all the social talk about a brand. They found small and medium business influencers were interacting with each other on LinkedIn, and not using their HP website that was filled with useful business guides and advice. With this service we are always just a phone call, Facebook message, Skype call or Google+ Hangout away and can answer your ongoing questions, help you respond in a crisis or discuss and help you stay in control of your social media platform. This approach captures what consumers are saying about a brand, what competitors are doing on social media, and what the brand itself is doing.

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