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In this article, I want to talk about why social media marketing works and what it is that attracts people to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkenIn.
I have already talked about the fact that in utilizing social media, marketers no longer control the message or the medium and that in building your brand you must add value in order to build credibility and trust. Social Media Marketing Principle #1:People Want to InteractBlogging, commenting, chatting, online forums and other interactive forms of online communication have been around for years. In the past, sales and marketing was about transmitting your message to as many people as possible. Social media marketing is an interactive process where the goal is to build relationships and, essentially, make new friends. You must relinquish the promotional sales and marketing mindset of the past and see yourself as just another social media user in order to be successful in social media marketing. Social Media Marketing Is About Being Social It is so true that where most people go wrong with social media marketing is to see it as an extension of their existing sales and marketing practises. The key is that people want to be empowered to interact, express themselves and decide for themselves what is or is not important. Here, I want to look more at the psychology that drives social media and how your sales and marketing can realign to these basic human impulses and shift to a new paradigm in growing your business. The main achievement of social media has been bringing the idea of online communities to the masses. Part of what social media marketing tries to achieve is just that, or at least having thousands of people be aware of you and what you represent, which is your brand. While your objective is not to maximize your number of friends, follower and connections, it is to be visible and create credibility and trust.
Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into how social media is changing the sales and marketing landscape!

Social media sites are a platform and a gateway that give users the ability to do just that without imposing control or restrictions on their creativity and what they want to do. The same principles that govern social media will necessarily govern social media marketing as well. The fact that everyone is now online and using social media sites means that it is no longer just the ”geeks” and ”techies” who are spending hours a day of their time meeting and conversing with others. A goal in Internet viral marketing – and sales and marketing in general - is to be remarkable so that other people talk about your business or pass along your message. Over time, these methods and the communication technologies we use evolved to become more encompassing to the point where you sought permission to engage people and the conversation is now open-ended.
The number of people in your immediate circle of acquaintances is not key but rather your ability to meet new people, widen your circle of influence and create social capital by engaging in ever more numbers of people and groups who share the same interests and values as you do. As a society, we long ago transcended the use of computers as powerful calculators and our human desire to interact with others has created a whole world of communities and experiences online.
Social media marketing seeks to achieve a similar effect but, of course, in a social setting where it is not approach to toot your own horn, so to speak. The business dictum of the past was that most people would say ”no” to you and that was just a part of life. This is a longterm and ongoing process of sowing seeds and connecting with people one at a time.
This leveling of the playing field, so to speak, brings the marketer and consumer onto the same level and is the real freedom that social media provides. Perhaps that is a big reason that interacting with others online feels so good; because we cannot see each other, the whole conversation is based on the value of our thoughts and it feels good to have our opinions validated by others. With social media marketing, the dictum is that you must give more that you receive and this is especially true when you begin trying to build a presence using social media.

For the average person, it is not something that must be learned but for a business professional such as yourself, you must unlearn some of your past behavior and seek to meet people in a genuine fashion as equals.
Whatever the case, as I mentioned before, people seek to identify with other groups and people online who share similar interests and values. In a general sense freedom means liberation from any and everything that is perceived as a hamper on our wellbeing, but in sales and marketing terms the goal is to empower people to make their own decision. Like I have said before, the secret to success in using social media marketing is not a new form of communicating with people but rather adopting a social as opposed to a marketing mindset!
It is crucial to remember that this is a two-way street and that your primary focus is not sharing about your business but rather sharing about the common interests that you have with those that you meet online. People want to take part in stimulating conversations with others and social media allows that to happen on an unprecedented scale. The clever marketing of the past that sought to monopolize and control people's thoughts does not work in today's online society where a marketing message can be analyzed and verified through instantaneous interactions with countless others.
The way a dialog evolves is a back-and-forth process where all parties contribute and the outcome is not directed by any one person. Simply by having access to a site like Facebook, you have the opportunity to seek out and interact with countless others who share your interest and who you would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet. People are naturally receptive to the ideas of others and seek to associate with those that they identify with in a continual search for and expression of self.
As a social sales and marketing professional you must gently coax this principle into working for you, seeking to engage others in a meaningful - not manipulative - way where sharing and learning takes place on all sides.

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