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Our news, blogs, and articles are a great resource to learn about web design, web development and search engine marketing. In addition to web design, we offer a full range of website marketing services from search engine optimization to social media marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have evolved into major marketing players. At our social media marketing company, we not only use social networking to effectively market and grow our own business, but we help our clients do the same. Our flagship product, Exponent CMS, is an open source, social media networking platform that we use to build all of our clients' websites.
Whether you'd like to tackle a social media marketing campaign for your current website, or develop a new website using our dynamic content management system social media tools, our social media marketing company has the expertise you need! 73% of companies with annual revenues of less than $150 million agree that social media is integral to their marketing mix, while two-thirds of companies with revenues of more than $150 million agree, according to  an September 2012 report from Econsultancy, produced in partnership with Adobe. Just 11% of client-side respondents from businesses with annual revenues of more than $150 million disagree that social media is integral to their business strategy, although an additional 24% are neutral on the topic.
Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV.
David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage. Online marketing covers not only SEO; it also means using social media networks to connect and interact with your customers. Businesses, in particular, can significantly benefit from using social media dashboards and tools. HootSuite is a social media dashboard for managing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Mixx accounts. TweetDeck is another social media dashboard that lets you manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
I noticed that companies who pay attention and review their social media strategy are the ones that become successful. For the 7th month in a row, Mint Social is one of the best social media marketing companies in the US as a result of an independent study conducted by TopSEOs.

Mint Social has an implementation process that over 100 companies have experienced along with an industry leading social media marketing dashboard that can automate much of the marketing processes and tracks results (views, clicks and engagement) across over 50 social networks and blog platforms.
Mint Social offers on-demand ROI reporting that our clients can select to receive daily, weekly and monthly.
We use the law of attraction in social media to build our customers online community by providing valuable information that connects with their target market. We have categorized over 600 of the top websites, blogs and social networks to better identify the most relevant sites and social networks that fit our clients niche markets. To learn more about how Mint Social’s social media marketing process can be applied to your business, please call 480-818-MINT or contact Mint Social online.
As part of the Vertical Marketing group of companies, we are able to bring businesses throughout South Florida and the Caribbean an array of internet marketing products rarely found under one roof, from one vendor. Unlike many web design companies in South Florida, we do not believe that SEO is an after process.
Many businesses of all sizes have learned the hard the importance of having a professionally developed and optimized Social Media presence.
Unlike many web development companies in South Florida, at NetLinks we strive on the utilization of original graphics and logo ideas for every project. Netieworld Digital MarketingNetieworld Digital Marketing is a creative & innovative internet marketing company based in Pune, India. As part of our website marketing services, we help companies explore the wealth of benefits that social media marketing as to offer. Consumers are constantly engaging with social media, and now businesses and brands can use these tools to connect to their target audiences.
The best part is that all of these social media functions through Exponent CMS are super easy-to-use. We can also help you develop other Internet marketing campaigns that focus on Pay Per Click advertising and organic SEO services. Social media’s importance extends beyond just marketing, though: three-quarter of company respondents from the smaller businesses agree that a social media strategy is integral to their business strategy, while 66% of larger businesses agree.
HootSuite is a fully integrated social dashboard that allows you to manage up to five accounts (one per social media network) for free.

TweetDeck is owned by Twitter and is the official social media dashboard for their network. Companies that are listed on topseos have gone through a rigorous evaluation process to determine the quality of work that is done. This process helps to increase brand awareness in search engines and social networks across all forms of online media (Blogs, articles, press releases, photos, video, audio, presentations and much more). We typically have monthly consultations to analyze the results and adjust the marketing plan based on the successes we experience with each client. We help to develop and implement an ongoing content marketing strategy that will have the highest level of engagement while maximizing online reach. Even if your website is #1 in Google, you are still missing up to 25% of your audience without a good Social media presence. As digital marketing agency we offer digital marketing strategy, website design, search engine optimization, consulting, email marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, web analytics and overall Digital marketing services. We are performance based & ROI focused digital marketing agency which will help you generate more leads and work on your digital branding.
Whether you are a business or an individual, you need to take advantage of the many social media dashboards and tools for Twitter to manage your account. They also provide automation services by scanning your blog’s RSS feed and automatically posting new links to your social media account. When it finds new content, it automatically posts this new link to your social media accounts for you. This type of automation is invaluable to small businesses trying to save time with their online marketing plans. Our expertise lies in applying advanced internet marketing knowledge to complex business issues and deliver robust solution to create best online customer experience on your web properties.What we offer is definitely a value for money service compared to any other traditional marketing activity but we are not the cheapest amongst any tom-dick-harry kind of SEO or social media company. This makes Raven Tools a fully integrated online marketing platform for monitoring your campaigns.

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