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If you’ve experienced success with social promotions-Facebook promotions, YouTube video contests, a photo-driven Twitter giveaway- its time to graduate to the next level of social marketing. We are laser focused on adding the features that help you turn your promotion into a complete campaign. With that, here are 5 Steps for Turning Your Promotion Into A Social Campaign- plus which Votigo features you should count on at each step.
Think of the promotion as the core of your campaign.  Come up with a compelling theme, a great prize, awesome design and crystal-clear calls to action. Now you’ve run a successful Social Campaign, anchored by an audience-engaging, participant-rewarding, customer-generating promotion, but supported by a host of useful tools and features that give you a more comprehensive result. Social media marketing is the schematic fashion to promote their products or web site before million eyes. Social Media Traffic is different from any other source, because these visitors are highly targeted, eager and consumers.

This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged award followers, millions visitors, regular, social media marketing campaign, waiver on January 22, 2015 by techft. Social media marketing is the trendy scheme to promote your products or website before million eyes. Social media traffic is different from any other sources, because these visitors are very targeted, eager & consumers.
This entry was posted in Small Business and tagged award followers, millions visitors, regular, social media marketing campaign, waiver on November 17, 2014 by techft.
Earlier this week, we released expanded Campaign Analytics into our Standard Apps editions. If you’re just getting into social marketing, or a new social channel (Pinterest for example), begin by inviting people to follow you there.
Better knowledge of your audience.  More clarity about what works best for your social brand.

They are the single best tool for converting social followers to customers, getting them to take action.
Power users: Premium Promotions offer the capability to integrate with virtual any third-party data source, from your social ads provider to Analytics to other leading data services to your CRM system. Countless research efforts have shown that about two-thirds of your audience follows brands on social channels mostly to receive some kind of an offer.
Do it from day one of your campaign, and treat these new social contacts as the potential customers they are.

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