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Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The bar exam passer statistics should be treated carefully, because many new JDs take two or three bar exams. One reason New York may have so many is that many people who want to practice in other states still want to pass the bar in New York, particularly if they are interested in business or corporate law.
But there is probably also a belief that because the largest proportion of money made by law firms is in New York, they must also have the largest number of jobs, which, surprisingly to me at least, is not true.
If there was some way to capture the net, net, net impact of the bloodbath over several years, and the shrining of the market as Big Law retrenched, the gloomy numbers presented here would be even worse. Bright undergraduates who decide against law school won’t find many alternative careers that promise abundant first jobs and handsome, secure lifelong incomes.

If this is your impression of the US legal market for recent JDs in the year 2012, then you either 1) live on another planet, 2) are infact a lawscool dean trying to hustle more naive college grads into giving you $100,000+ of borrowed money, or 3) on some REALLY good drugs. EMSI's blog features articles, case studies, and resources that connect our data to market trends, regional economies, workforce development, higher education, and much more. Recent CommentsLaura Pizzo on City & Guilds and EMSI UK Assess How Teenagers’ Aspirations Stack Up Against the Job MarketDavid H. However, all references to projected openings for new lawyers in a given state have been way, way off — all of the official Department of Labor and industry experts missed the utter bloodbath in Big Law starting several years ago.
Thus, we hope to READILY disseminate the information of available law positions into the marketplace and thereby try to level the playing field. The BLS estimates a 10-year replacement and growth rate of 24,040 jobs annually while state governments (less South Dakota) together come up with a much lower number, 19,470.

That had a cascading effect on jobs in medium and smaller law firms, because experienced attorneys who were laid off often submitted their applications at medium or smaller law firms, and elbowed out a number of new graduates. 2 EMSI estimates New York will need 2,100 new lawyers annually through 2015, creating a glut of 7,687 per year if the 2009 supply figures hold firm. It should be noted that not all those who pass the bar exam in each state are new graduates.

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