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Twitter trails well at the back of the pack in New Zealand, attracting only 249 million users, well below Tumblr’s 447 million. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. First, I showed them all of the social media channels and online communication vehicles we are using at the School of Social Work, including blogs, our e-newsletter, and our Contact Magazine news site. I emphasized the importance of defining your target audience, and how to use Google Analytics and other tools to learn more about your site’s visitors, such as where they are located, when they are online, and what content they respond to. I also offered some dos and don’ts, strategies for increasing your followers, and tips on using Facebook and Twitter to grab attention, encourage engagement, and drive traffic to your site. For the PR, marketing, advertising and business professionals that need to have a thorough understanding of what is happening in social media. As you would guess from the provider, Bloomberg’s page on social media is very business-driven.
Again, much like you would expect, the Forbes social media page is also very business-driven. News about social media, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Focused on the tech side of social media, Tech News offers an interesting and unique take on social networking. The data come from an online survey earlier this year of 2,197 people by Reuters Institute, which sought to find out which social-media sites news consumers used most. Once you accept the fact that the Sheep among humans are the majority of Facebook users in the first place, many such things (like they go to Facebook for news) can be predicted.

This presentation was given during SEMPDX SearchFest 2014 in Portland Oregon, where I talk about the trend in visual with regards to social media. Then I relayed the ways that we are using social media and blogging together to increase our readership and to bring visitors to our website. For example, it’s important to take time zones into account with social media if you have a national or international audience. Topics frequently discussed: tools, platforms, people, and companies on the social media landscape.
You can follow the page, which allows you to receive email updates whenever anything new comes up. They also have fun interactive polls and opinion articles that are a little different than what you are used to seeing on business sites. One very cool feature of this site is the “timeline” aspect: you can see a chronological order of the biggest news in social media over the last few months. If you’re interested in say, mobile app development, you can simply click and have specific news for what you’re looking for. It can, however, be a good source for social media updates as well… if you don’t get side tracked by an article about cats on the way.
You get less typical material and more in-depth coverage of changing technology and how it will impact social networking. They have more of a focus on marketing, and some interesting takes on some businesses’ social media campaigns. They have news such as social indexes and updated advice for those working in social media.

One benefit of this site is that the articles are clearly labeled by their topics icon; if you’re looking for just Pinterest news, you don’t even have to read the titles of the other articles. Nearly 95% of internet users in New Zealand accessed a social media site during November 2013, or 2.8 million Kiwis.
The other was a master’s level class of about 17 enrolled in a marketing for nonprofits course at the School of Social Work. I also explained some of the benefits of having a WordPress-based blog, and encouraged them to establish their own site and use social media to drive traffic to it, rather than rely on a Facebook page to be their organization’s site. Here are 20 sites that offer a variety of takes, opinions, and focuses for social media news.
The site also offers technology reviews – which is becoming increasingly important as the line between tech and social media blurs. They also have a good inventory of articles that help businesses learn to leverage different social media sites. In the same group, 65% said they used Facebook for other purposes — people who use Facebook often tended to get news from the site often enough, too.
Since the survey dealt with how people consume news online, Reuters filtered out people who said they hadn’t consumed any news in the past month. But that compared with 59% who said they used the site for general purposes – a much wider gap when compared with Facebook.

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