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A report on private-sector jobs in the region finds that Philadelphians are fleeing the city at an alarming rate.
The daily out-migration of nearly 191,000 people to jobs in the suburbs and New Jersey outlined in the new Center City District (CCD) review is a stark reminder that there simply aren't nearly enough jobs in the city. Indeed, the decades-long downward trend in the private-sector workforce that provides 84 percent of city jobs shows no sign of leveling off. For all the progress in making the city a vibrant place with a booming downtown full of younger residents, the jobs trend threatens the city's ability to sustain critical public services, as well as invest in amenities like parks and cultural attractions that draw residents and visitors. With the CCD's first-ever analysis of where city jobs are located - right down to each City Council district - the perennial downtown vs.

In short, the city's core is where it's happening - with numbers showing that half of all private-sector jobs live there. Fireworks blazing over the Philadelphia Museum of Art are a Fourth of July tradition during Philadelphia’s.
PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister paper, the Philadelphia Daily News, will merge newsrooms but continue to put out two separate newspapers, leading to an unknown number of job cuts, the owner announced Friday. He told employees the move to a single newsroom will save Philadelphia Media Network $5 million to $6 million.
Census figures is that more and more of them will follow their jobs and move their families outside the city.

And these jobs also attract nearly 90,000 suburban commuters who buttress city coffers with their taxes.
Mellon Fellowship Opportunity Application Deadline March 1, 2009 Human Resources Philadelphia Museum of Art. So it's critical to sustain a quarter-century of important investments in making Center City cleaner and safer, as well as exciting enhancements being planned at the West Philadelphia campuses of Penn and Drexel.

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