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As part of our extensive monthly research into the average salaries of Internet related Marketing and Developer Jobs across the UK we have produced the trend graph below. As always, Internet Marketing Jobs in London will account for the majority of positions however in some categories, notably Web Developers and Web Designers, we have thousands of jobs included in the data with positions open all over the UK. Looking below in more detail at the March data for one of these Job Titles, “Social Media Manager”reveals a median salary range of ?31-36k ,  average salary of ?36.3k pa and 26% of our sample salaries fell in the range ?31-36k.
I ran some research and produced a graph using current market average salaries because I was interested to see if, despite the current economic backdrop, the perceived continuing demand for these skills was maintaining salaries , or even increasing them. Web Developer Jobs have salaries that appear to be trending gently upwards beyond market averages, arriving at a current average of $80,000.

The Social Media Manager’s salary trend is an interesting one – there seems to be a definite slide in average salary level. The figures are based on advertised salaries and were gathered just last week and so this is as up to date as you can get! Therefore we would argue that the averages, even allowing for a London Marketing Jobs bias, have a relevance for any employers looking to recruit for jobs like these . During this time Online Marketing Manager salaries appear to have fluctuated somewhat, especially around Q3 2010 – whatever the reasons for this the averages appear to have now stabilized. You may be recruiting for say Bristol based marketing jobs or Web Developer jobs in Manchester however if the workforce is flexible it may be the case that the geography is less important than knowledge, skills, attitude and experience.

Today’s SEO specialist jobs are of course no longer just concerned with onsite optimization.

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