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Our specialty is engaging consumers with brand experiences in city neighborhoods where they live, work, shop and hangout. We attract, engage and inspire people via a variety of creative outdoor street poster, guerilla marketing, experiential event, interactive installation, building projection advertising, experiential street marketing, mobile tour, street team and mobile billboard approaches. To ensure your brand initiative is successful tap into ALT TERRAIN’s 12+ years of experience on how best to attract and engage people in relevant ways on the streets of Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, St.

Contact us for creative outdoor advertising and experiential marketing ideas, rates and examples.
MCCLAIN MARKETING + INTERACTIVE McClain is a marketing strategy, creative and interactive firm.
We are passionate about outdoor advertising and experiential marketing that people embrace and share with friends.

Innovative thinking, strategic insight, creative and technical ingenuity and real-world experience sets us apart as a nationally-known strategic marketing firm specializing in building brands, solving marketing challenges, and producing results.

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