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Your need to find top talent is relentless, and often the candidates you seek are not actively searching for jobs on job boards, aggregators, or even social media. While having communications related positions in the non-profit sector is not something unheard of in the past, the rising value of development communications roles in the sector is a relatively new development. A simple look into job listings at non-profit organizations will most likely result in at least a handful of openings that involve communications roles. A development communications role involves creating materials such as newsletters, reports, marketing and donor materials etc.
With rapidly growing rates of information exchange as well as the tools to get the information across, the rise of development communications in the non-profit sector has as much to do on the technological end as it does on the evolving nature of NGOs and the public. With a passion for international development, Kesang's professional experience includes working with various organizations, including the United Nations, Pact and Bhutan Foundation in Washington D.C. Participate in defining architecture of new communication system products and makes improvements to existing communication system products.

Must have a strong background in wireless networking algorithms, protocol design and simulation, especially MAC layer for low-power devices. On top of that, there aren't enough hours in the workday for you to effectively source quality talent through traditional resume databases. For starters, most job listings seem to specify a degree in Communications, Journalism or a related field. A recent emerging trend that continues to be adopted by organizations is the use of infographics and data visualization to tell stories about specific issues and demonstrate an organization’s work (see infographics from the Gates Foundation and Amnesty International for examples). Hardware Engineer will work in a small Hardware engineering team as a technical contributor for R&D prototyping projects specifically related to wireless communications.
For the most part, the major responsibilities include materials development, public and press engagement, messaging, and in some cases, event planning and fundraising as well.
From customized materials to attract donors to videos and website content to engage the public, the range of materials may vary, but what is of growing importance in a communications role is the ability to use a multitude of communication tools to effectively tell an organization’s story.

The incumbent will contribute to specification, design, implementation and verification of digital circuit blocks for wireless and other R&D projects. Going hand in hand, a communications position (particularly a higher-level role) would also involve overseeing the strategic message of the organization as a whole and ensuring the delivery of a common message.
It also requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, along with copy editing skills. Along with public and press engagement, some communications roles also involve engaging in fundraising activities, scheduling and event planning.

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