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As job displacement continues, Millennials remain in no-degree jobs, forcing less-educated workers onto the unemployment rolls. As funny as it may seem, more Millennial college graduates are finding themselves stuck in jobs that require no college degree, according to a recent Gallup poll, effectively wasting both talent and money.
Less than half the adults employed in the United States, 43%, say their job requires a college or advanced degree.
A holder of an economics degree is not just skilled in his subject matter, but is likely to be adept at other aspects such as communication and presentation skills, and problem solving ability. NOTE: The jobs described in this list are not entry-level designations, and require considerable experience. Responsible for the general maintenance and optimum functioning of a branch of a bank, a bank manager has to be adept at human resource management, dealing with clients, the technology used by the bank, and at general bookkeeping.
Policy analysts are responsible for the creation or restructuring of policies, governmental or private.

Chartered accountants hold a high rank when it comes to jobs related to commerce and economy. Economics degree holders can get a wide range of jobs due to the diverse training they receive. Grant works for Collegis education and writes student-focused articles on behalf of Rasmussen College. Taking on a job you might be overeducated for is one alternative, assuming one job is enough to keep you from being homeless (perhaps that’s why fast food workers have rallied multiple times this year for a higher minimum wage). For those between the ages of 18 and 34, the amount in jobs requiring college degrees drops to 38%. As a result, younger graduates face a choice between painfully uncertain unemployment or taking open jobs with educational requirements below their achievements.
Americans with a higher education degree made up 35% of minimum wage workers in 2012, according to the WSJ.

An economist recently predicted that at our current rate of job recovery, we may not see pre-recession employment rates for almost a decade.
It connects various factions in global trade and, if utilized properly, can be an important tool for world peace. While degree holders made up a larger share of minimum wage workers than a decade prior, the reverse is true for those holding a high school diploma or less. There are many careers that are available to you directly after completing your economics degree, while even more options open up if you complete your Master's degree.

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