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The metro area of Grand Rapids squeaked out continued population gain last year, while most of the other metro areas lost people. The reason - the number of government jobs in Ann Arbor is a full 40% of the civilian work force, in Grand Rapids it's less than 9%. However Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo are two among the larger cities in the state that are hanging in there. Ann Arbor is and always has been a sanctuary for exec's , grad students, academic professionals, and prominent medical community members.

GR has a large medical presence, as A2 has a huge population of PhD and grad students working the biomedical sciences industries and academia. This also is occurring in Raleigh, NC where many unemployed grads are starting new entrepreneurial endeavors.
Grand Rapids, although my sentimental favorite lacks the Major research, educated populous and Major Airport. If a person were looking to relocate to the State, for the long term, Grand Rapids or A2 would be your best choices.

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