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Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just trying to find something new to serve for “Meatless Monday,” you should be able to find something in the next five posts that will please you.
There are hundreds of art-related apps available for the iPhone, but not all of them are suitable for kids.
Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad – There was a time, not so long ago, when kids were fascinated for hours by the simple Kaleidoscope. Zoodle Pad – Your child will learn about line width, use of color and control with this free app for the iPhone and iPad. Chalk Pad for iPhone – No child’s collection of drawing tools is complete without a chalk board – or in this case, a Chalk Pad.
Use Number Magnets– Most little ones love playing with magnets, and if you have number magnets, the refrigerator make the perfect place for playing with them. Sort Colored Objects – You can use colored blocks, pieces of candy, crayons or whatever you have available to work on pattern recognition and sorting skills. Don’t Turn Your Nose Up at Computer Games– There are scores of computer games available for every level of skill and if you play with your child, it can be a time for bonding as well as learning.
Whether your teenager’s health classes at school take an abstinence-only approach to sexual education or not, the responsibility of encouraging abstinence still falls largely upon your shoulders as a parent. If abstinence from premarital sex is important to your family because of your religious beliefs, you have concrete reasons aside from teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases for encouraging such behavior. Teenagers aren’t renowned for their impulse control and drinking or drug use can cause their inhibitions to drop even further.
The abstract notion of being saddled with an infant before graduation is a scary one to teenagers, but it’s still not a concept that fully sinks in most of the time.
Bullying – Being bullied is a devastating situation, even for teenagers and young adults, but tweens are even more likely to be overwhelmed by bullies online. Reducing Screen Time – Between television, video games and time spent online for homework purposes, kids spend enough of their day planted in front of an electronic screen.
Preserving Academic Performance – When your child is supposed to be online researching homework methods or studying for a big test, his shiny new Facebook account can be a very serious distraction.
Protecting Your Computer from Malware – You and your teenagers may have a basic idea of how to avoid malware and spyware sent out by unscrupulous Facebook users, but your tween probably doesn’t. Give those plastic eggs a new life as resurrection eggs for next year or Easter eggs with a new sophisticated look to decorate your home. The wide number of extracurricular activities and clubs available to today’s teen paired with the parental urge to keep teenagers as busy as possible in a bid to prevent misbehavior has led to an intense debate amongst parents and parenting experts regarding the quality of life available to an over-scheduled teen.
For some parents, making sure that their teens are able to participate in any and all extracurricular activities is a sign of affection, especially if they were not afforded those opportunities during their own teen years. Minimizing Screen Time – When teenagers are busy with extracurricular activities, clubs and other commitments, they’re not spending time in front of the television or playing video games. Encouraging Physical Activity – Getting involved in sports or active hobbies keeps teenage bodies moving, helping to prevent obesity and all of its related health risks. Instilling a Sense of Commitment – Few things help teenagers understand the concept of responsibility and commitment like having a full schedule of things that they’re committed to.
Keeping Teens Out of Trouble – A teenager who barely has time to get enough sleep before starting her day all over again isn’t likely to have much time left over for the hijinks that lead to trouble.
Just as there are a passel of advantages to encouraging your teen to maintain a busy and active schedule, there are also a handful of disadvantages that come with being too busy. Increased Pressure to Perform – The more activities, teams and clubs your teenager is involved in, the more pressure she can feel to excel in each of them. Loss of Free Time – Though an excessive amount of free time is one of the things that many parents are seeking to eliminate by enrolling their teens in a high number of activities, it’s important to remember just how important that free time is to your teen. When your children are praised for their efforts towards meeting a goal, they learn that the most important aspect of their accomplishments is the effort they expend to reach them.
Make sure your child knows that what you’re looking for in terms of success is honest, concerted effort to do his very best.
Extracurricular activities can be fulfilling and exciting experiences for your teen that help him learn new skills while exploring his interests and talents. When a demanding schedule is something that your teen has chosen for himself and he’s committed to doing everything he can in terms of reaching his goals, the best thing you can do for him is to offer plenty of support and affirmation.
Celebrating your baby’s graduation from high school is a momentous occasion, and one that usually calls for a party.  Your graduate will probably have her own ideas about what she wants at her graduation party, but you can work together to plan everything. The more traditional graduation cake is typically a rectangular sheet cake with the graduation year and a rose for decorations.

Pizza lovers with a gluten intolerance don’t have to despair though, as more and gluten-friendly pizza options are becoming available.
These 10 drawing apps for iPhone, however, are specifically designed for kids, with easy-to-use features that encourage both learning and creativity.
You can choose from multiple page styles, switching between blank canvases to lined pages, for instance. Tools are laid out along the top of the screen and down the left hand side, which makes this app usable for children of all ages. These work well for number recognition, which is the first step in building good math skills. Teenagers tend to think that the worst-case scenario doesn’t apply to them, and while these situations happen to other people, they’ll never happen to them. Making sure that you encourage your teenager’s ambitions and that you explain how easily they could be derailed by an unplanned pregnancy or an incurable sexually transmitted disease can put a spin on abstinence that he understands. While limiting screen time is a wise choice for a variety of reasons, you should realize that you simply can’t shield your teenager from allusions to sexual activity on television, in music or on the Internet.
Understanding the causal link between substance use and sexual activity is essential for parents because your teenager will almost certainly find himself in the position of being offered drugs or alcohol at some point in his high school career. Teenagers may understand that sex can lead to pregnancy, but they still tend to believe that it will never happen to them. Now that most people, including teens, have their own cell phones, phone etiquette has a whole new meaning. Although your teen will know most of the people calling him, he will still need to know how to correctly answer a phone call meant for another. Teens often try out a wide variety of curse words and crude statements as they find their “voice.” Although it’s a natural part of the teen years, that doesn’t mean others should have to endure it. A child who doesn’t have a Facebook account may be protected from that objectionable content for a bit longer, though. Facebook is just another way for your child to while away the hours in sedentary activity, rather than getting outside and being active. Keeping your child off of social media for a few more years can also be your computer’s saving grace.
For a young child, not understanding acceptable Facebook use could lead to them sharing very sensitive personal information that later proves to be dangerous.
As with so many other hot-button topics in the parenting world, there are a collection of pros and cons for keeping teens on a tightly-packed schedule. There are some advantages to keeping your teen busy above and beyond providing her with every possible opportunity, though.
Minimizing the amount of time that kids spend using electronic forms of entertainment has become so important that the American Academy of Pediatrics regularly tackles the subject. When you pair a full schedule of active time with a healthy, balanced diet, you’re helping your teenagers learn the basics of healthy food and exercise habits. Being responsible for maintaining their busy schedule, reaching goals and keeping up with things that they’ve committed to is a great foundation for teens who will soon be expected to juggle a busy college schedule or entry into the workforce.
These are just a few of the reasons why you may want to think twice before packing your teen’s schedule so tightly that she has no spare time. When your teenager is so busy that she has no time to relax, she’s just as likely to burn out as you would be under the same circumstances. Teenagers who are under an increased amount of pressure due their own unrealistic expectations may experience high levels of anxiety. When you push your teen to fill her schedule, remember all of the essential tasks that she’ll no longer have as much time for. She’s going through the emotional and physical changes of adolescence, which requires her plenty of time for self-reflection and contemplation.
It’s up to you and your teen to work out a plan that fits the unique needs of your individual household situation. When your teen realizes his work is the key to success and the praise of his parents, he’s more likely to focus on that aspect than the end result. Talking about the importance of honest effort and making sure that your teenager knows you value that honesty over an achievement reached through questionable practices can help to put these dilemma into perspective for your teenager. If the answer is simply that you want to support your child in an activity she excels in and has a talent for, that’s one thing. To truly support your kids and help them reach their full potential without stressing them out under the burden of your demands for perfection, allow them to explore the things that interest them and make an effort to show your support.

Whether it’s plain cheese pizza, a supreme with the works or a gourmet pizza topped with nontraditional ingredients, there really is something for everyone. Your little ones will spend hours drawing, painting, coloring and sharing their masterpiece creations through the built-in multimedia tools available via these excellent drawing apps. Unlike many other drawing apps, Color & Draw for kids does not auto-fill sections of the drawing.
Clear measuring cups work wonderfully for showing kids how the different parts make up the whole.
Teenagers are beginning to experience adult urges, but still have an underdeveloped sense of the impulse control that governs most adult social interaction. Heads of secular households will need to avoid attaching an ambiguous moral stigma to the idea of teen sex, especially if it’s not something you actually believe. Making sure that your stance on experimentation with controlled substances is clear and that your teenager understands just how quickly a single mistake can ruin a promising life is important. Girls may even believe that teen pregnancy isn’t so devastating, and they may believe that they have the necessary tools to parent.
Many teens have a hard time putting their phones down and engaging in a real and sustained conversation with another person. Remind your teen that when he’s in a public place like a restaurant or movie theater, he’s sharing that space with a bunch of people who aren’t interested in his conversation. A few quick conversations and limits around phone use can easily get your teen back on track. When your tween is pleading with you for permission to start a Facebook account and swearing that all of their friends have them, these are 10 of the reasons why you might want to stick to your guns and continue to ban the site for a few more years. Working together, you can strike the balance between keeping your teen involved and spreading her too thin. Being able to call in an order to a nearby pizza chain makes it perfect for those nights when you need dinner in a flash but don’t feel like cooking. You can choose whether your child can draw outside the lines and how many colors are available. This strategy works very well for kids under seven years old because they will learn number recognition and develop addition skills. The peer group around your teenager will have a certain amount of influence over his decisions, especially if he’s involved in a romantic relationship.
Here are some rules to share with your teen to encourage him to be a responsible and polite phone user. It’s become harder and harder for parents, teachers, coaches and others to connect with teens in meaningful ways, and when they are able to it’s often cut short by technology. Make this a clear and unwavering rule for your teen to keep him and others safe on the road. Ask your teen to make sure she has permission from everyone she takes a picture or video of.
Remember, you’re not the only person that can place your teenager under pressure to succeed. Even when you do have the time to prepare dinner for the family, pizza can still find its way onto the menu, whether you pop it in the oven or grill it outside.
Topical conversations about the things that your teen sees on television are another effective way of applying these important principals to his real life in a way that makes sense to him. While being able to answer the phone every time someone calls is convenient, interrupting a face to face conversation for a phone chat is disrespectful.
Many people, including other teens, don’t want to be caught in what others might think are funny poses or situations.
Teach your teen to turn off his phone or set it to vibrate (and then ignore it!) when he’s involved in a face to face conversation. However, it’s never a good idea for your teen’s attention to be anywhere but the road, so carefully consider if hands-free calling is well suited to your child.
Even if your teen has the best intentions when using her smartphone camera, it could lead to problems.
Imagine how great it would be to enjoy dinner with your teen without his phone ringing, beeping or vibrating every few minutes.

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