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Employment services is a growing field offering many diverse employment opportunities to workers in the region. The smallest component industry is employment placement agencies and executive search services (2 percent).
Note: Some 2011 ZIP code level data from New York City for the teen pregnancy indicator were not originally included in previous published tables. These firms primarily are engaged in providing human resources and human resource management services to staff client businesses.

This industry includes firms primarily engaged in listing employment vacancies and in referring or placing applicants for employment. Employment in this industry also tends to follow the business cycle, so when the economy is expanding, employment tends to increase in this sector and when the economy is weak, employment tends to decrease in this sector. During January – September 2007, 7,519 Central New Yorkers worked in employment services. The highest paying component industry is employment placement agencies and executive search services with average weekly wages of $645.

Temporary jobs provide an entry into the workforce, supplemental income, and a bridge to full-time employment for many workers.
Nevertheless, many workers in temporary assignments would prefer the stability and greater benefits associated with full-time work.

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