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Ramen Sora can definitely take you to ramen heaven, now with its second overseas branch finally in the Philippines! Not sure if this could apply to the Philippines, since eHealth is already pretty common in first world countries like the UK, but if you are a medical care provider considering expanding your practice, you might want to consider telemedicine.
Imagine my surprise after finding out that Oprah endorsed the book that has since become a worldwide hit.
The restaurant continued its commitment to giving back by partnering with the non-stock, non-profit org Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines (DSAPI), to support families who have a child with Down Syndrome. Online job portal BPOCareerHub (BCH) addresses the Philippines' employment challenge with the 1st BCH-Online Job Fair, the country’s first ever Internet-based, fully interactive job fair.

Finally, there is an online job fair for people who have trouble doing face-to-face interviews (I know I've had my fair share of failed interviews because of anxiety) OR those who feel dismayed attending job fairs at locations two hours away from home at the very least. I sure would like to try this new application for finding the career of my dreams (if I didn't have one already)! The product will retail for Php 299.00 and will be available soon to the Philippine market starting February 28, 2015. In layman's terms, this means that family physicians and other medical providers are able to utilize telephones, video conferences, and secure online messages to correspond with patients and address basic medical questions and needs - such as appointment setting, filling of prescriptions, and the reporting of test results. But if Manila will be able to receive donations (say from Bill Gates or Warren Buffet) for computer upgrades and specialized software, more doctors will be able to add telemedicine jobs to their practice, which means more revenue, more patients, and potentially better patient satisfaction rating.

High hopes dropped a smidgen when conflicting reviews online point to it being boring to some, and powerfully moving to others. Mango Tree, with the support of its customers, was able to generate P100,000 from its fund raising program in support of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Inc.

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