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We are looking for marketing intern with strong interest in fashion for a New York handbag designer to assist in developing the brand’s web presence and work on the social media strategy. Chandelier Creative, the premier fashion advertising and marketing agency, enlisted ALT TERRAIN to implement a beautifully conceived Mobile Pop-up Art Installation and Guerilla Video Projection initiative for the product launch of Givenchy Cosmetics Phenom’ Eyes Mascara in New York City. Recognizing the relationship between art, fashion, and cosmetics, Chandelier Creative commissioned Ian Wright to create an amazing art piece out of thousands of Phenom’ Eyes Mascara brushes and Jacques Levet to develop an inspired video.

Both the Phenom’ Eyes Mascara brush installation piece and art video were showcased inside the Mobile Showcase billboard deployed outside Sephora retail stores in New York City. Jack Agency in the UK enlisted ALT TERRAIN to staff, train and oversee an Agent Provocateur street marketing team to engage consumers on-the-street during Fashion Week New York.
The Agent Provocateur street team were outfitted and deployed outside key Fashion Week New York hotspots (e.g.

To peak consumer interest the street team distributed a magazine that featured the Agent Provocateur lingerie retailer fashion line.

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