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Doing freelance data entry work from home is a great way to earn good money using the skills you already have. You must also be able to type pretty fast, or if you’ll be using the 10-key pad, you must be have a good speed for entering numbers. Some jobs will require you to have training as a data entry clerk or specific coursework in their business field. To do data entry work from home or any other home business, you’ll need the dedication and determination to make it work. Of course, with the skills mentioned, and even just a little determination to succeed, you’re almost guaranteed to make a success of a data entry profession.
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But even if you know how to type or use the 10-key pad on your keyboard, you may not know what’s required to succeed in freelance data entry work. Knowing where the keys are, how to lay your fingers on the home keys, and which fingers to use for each letter or number are all crucial to data entry operators.

Many of the available freelance data entry jobs you can find to work at home will pay by the piece, meaning you earn for the number of items you enter. Some data entry jobs will require you to have a specific operating system like Windows 7, or a specific software program like Microsoft Word or Excel.
There are some reputable sites like eLance, Guru, Rent-aCoder and others that regularly post freelance work you can try.
While it may seem that a home business or freelance work of any kind is a lackadaisical task, that’s far from the truth.
The work is easy to do, the freedom of working at home is invigorating, and the money is good if your skills are adequate. With that being the case, the more items you can enter in the allotted time, the better for your checkbook. Not all data entry jobs will require specific software or equipment, but it’s best to be aware up front that some will. These cost anywhere from $25 and up for a decent one and will be required for transcription.

There are also companies like All Time Favorites, NTI, SpeakWrite, and Take 1 Transcription that specifically hire data entry workers on a regular basis. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, read over some of the other articles we’ve posted about where to find data entry work from home careers and get started right away on your road to success as a data entry operator! And accuracy is critical for data entry since the client must have the information they need typed in correctly.
If not, perhaps you can make other arrangements so that you’ll be able to enter the data you need in a quiet setting, if this is an issue for you. Of course, in this case, your only option is to work the jobs that don’t require experience and build your skills while waiting to move up as the opportunity arises.

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