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Trying to navigate through the various new social media categories, blogs, sharing sites, and social media firms is an absolute mess.
This depiction of the digital marketing landscape was shown at a Buddy Media event marking the launch of the social marketing software agency's new suite of measurement tools. BI IntelligenceEarned media is really just the digital-age term for word-of-mouth advertising. Looks at the various benefits and potential disadvantages of generating earned media via social media.
To access BI Intelligence's full report on Earned Media And Social Media, sign up for a free trial subscription here.
For full access to the report on Platform-Specific Social Media Content Strategy sign up for a free trial subscription today. BI IntelligenceThere is no better window into high-tech social media marketing than to look at the work of Facebook's preferred marketing developers, who offer the expertise and paid media-buying and analytics software to power big brand Facebook campaigns.
In a recent report, BI Intelligence interviewed executives at four leading SPMDs, who pointed to the key factors driving social media marketing's future, like the changing relationship between paid, owned, and earned media.
Pre-Testing Paid Media: Other elite Facebook marketing partners like Brand Networks and Adaptly understand that owned and earned media isn't just valuable in and of itself.

Forrester Research is putting the final touches on one of its prestigious "Wave" reports for social media marketing, a source familiar with the research tells us.
Forrester's Wave reports rank the top marketing vendors on a variety of factors across numerous different services. There are more than 300 companies among Facebook's marketing services vendors, or "preferred marketing developers" as they are called. The report will also go some way to repair Forrester's reputation in the social media marketing business: In October it published a widely panned survey that concluded advertisers should not dedicate a paid ad budget to Facebook. In May, we showed you LUMA Partners' incredibly complicated graphic representing the social media marketing ecosystem. The chart, created by LUMA CEO Terence Kawaja, is one of a bunch that shows how money flows through the dozens of companies that interact in the social media marketing business.
BI IntelligenceThere is no better window into the fast-changing world of social media marketing than a conversation with Facebook's top marketers and strategic partners. For a recent report, BI Intelligence spoke with some of Facebook's ultra-elite "strategic preferred marketing developers," or SPMDs, of which there are only 14 in existence. BI Intelligence interviewed executives at four leading SPMDs, who pointed to the key factors driving social media marketing's future, like the changing relationship between paid, owned and earned media.

A Technorati survey found that 55% of 150 major brands had adopted specific earned media goals.
Many companies on social media see a great deal of success on one platform, but still grind away at others.
Once a brand or business commits to a single social media channel, possibilities begin to open up. It is easy to track social media, I do it every day, there are lots of summary feeds, groups, and notification tools built right in to the social networking sites, all free.
There are Forrester Wave rankings for private clouds, business intelligence, adtech, loyalty program services, data management platforms, and so on. They spoke about why the future of social media marketing will be determined by the companies with the best data, software and technology. However, the tools are there, and if earned media became more of a focus, these tools would likely see more refinement and development.

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