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Too often, small companies leap into paid marketing campaigns without understanding the customer conversion process. So it might be much more effective to measure things like the number of times your content gets shared by people within their social networks.
Social Media Marketing has the potential to deliver your content virally by leveraging the networks of your followers, and your followers’ followers! While any given advertisement might well be individualized to a particular brand or target audience, it’s the broader discourse with your customer that is the hallmark of successful advertising in the age of Social Media.
Advertising generally, is about creating new fans, delivering new leads and hence creating more buzz around a brand.
So many social media options, so little time.  The rapid rise of social media has allowed skillful individuals to reach thousands of others at little or no cost other than manpower and wit.
When you have an established presence on Facebook with either Facebook Pages or Facebook Events (or both), you can turn to Facebook Ads to allow your messages to reach a broader audience. An important advantage of Facebook Ads over other social media advertising options is its user-friendly  manager tool.

LinkedIn Ads claims that advertisers can “connect with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals” by using DirectAds.
The advertising management platform is similar to the one from Facebook, but unlike Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads does not provide graph tools and opts for simpler and faster delivery of stats (clicks, page impressions, etc.) through text.
LinkedIn Ads stands out from other social media advertising options as the only platform that allows you to target ads by job function, job seniority, industry, and company size. MyLikes gained a lot of notoriety when it participated in the famous publicity stunt from Mafia Wars (developed by Zynga), in which the Mafia Wars team blew up an armored truck with the help of Snoop Dogg. Once you have established yourself or your organization as a reputable source in social media, it is a worthwhile investment to do smart advertising. And an effective marketing strategy that should not be overlooked is good old fashioned advertising.
Not just their gender or location, but their industry and their social engagement with other brands. Facebook Ads allows your message to turn into a trusted referral by including content from a user’s friends who are already affiliated with your products.

So the first thing you should do before advertising anything is pause… Now, consider your existing products, your websites, your Facebook Page, your contact details, your landing pages. This promotion, involving engagement with the target audience resulted in over 13,000 entries! But luckily for us as small business people, they often drop the ball when it comes to managing their social media presence. Cues from this analysis will allow you to better structure your future advertising offerings.
If you offer genuine products and services that have real-world value, your social media marketing should reflect this.

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