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RISE can help with any single aspect of your vision, help you do it yourself, or we can create and execute a complete annual marketing plan. Through this process we ensure that all the foundations are in place for a strong brand, tools, and campaigns. Once your identity is established, we work with you to arm your marketing plan with the best tools you need to communicate with your audience.
Now your marketing plan includes the needed tools, it’s time to implement those tools in campaigns.
The third and often most neglected campaign area in a growing company—CORPORATE CULTURE— is critical for long-term stability.  This is why the RISE approach includes internal communications, training and hiring practices. Finally, your message, tools and campaigns must include a MEASUREMENT plan and be continually evaluated.
You decide what success looks like—the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—and watch them to see where improvements can make your marketing budget work more efficiently.

Ongoing management consists of the energy and experience that goes into making your tools, campaigns and measurement a reality from day to day—it is marketing operations. App install ad campaigns: In the coming months, the developers will be able to setup Adwords ad campaigns directly from the Google Play developer console. The team at Redstone are experts at planning, developing and rolling out effective and integrated donor acquisition campaigns. No matter how you get new donors — from traditional direct mail and print adverts to e-communications and face-to-face recruitment programs — we can work closely with your organisation to find the best campaign for you and your needs. One of our client’s ran an Instagram campaign that had $25,000 reported (in revenue) when analyzing in the Acquisition tab. Capture The ConversationRoom 214's blog, Capture the Conversation, was inspired from reading The Cluetrain Manifesto, which declared "markets are conversations!" This blog is made of what's interesting to the people who work and play in social media and digital marketing at Room 214.
We share specific, tried and true, database & marketing techniques for individual donor fundraising and membership programs.

Whenever I come across this issue, notoriously common when tracking a campaign’s success, I find myself conflicted as to what results I should report on. But many fundraisers find it hard to take their donor acquisition programs to the next level. This is because in these reports attribution is generally not oriented as Last Non-Direct Click, and so you are realizing revenue from other marketing efforts (campaigns, sources, etc.).

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