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When you add an extra mile onto your run or decide to lift the heavier weights, you expect to feel the burn the next day—but your post-workout recovery doesn’t have to be so painful: Drinking watermelon juice can help minimize soreness after a workout, according to a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. For the study, researchers recruited seven men and had them complete a cycling routine on three different days.
Twenty-four hours after the exercises, many of the participants reported having sore muscles—but they said they felt significantly less achy on the days after they had consumed the watermelon juice. Being sore, medically known as DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) is that pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after exercise.
We also know that after this stress the muscle adapts rapidly in an effort to prevent future muscle damage if a given movement is repeated. So if we get down to the research on off-setting muscle soreness, the leading advice for years has been to reduce inflammation. There are of course other health risks researched and associated with use of these meds, as seen in quick terms on the website linked above. Daily use of natural anti-inflammatory foods has become widely accepted in terms of supplementing Fish Oil or Krill Oil. Compression Gear has also been marketed to help improve blood flow during workouts and cut down on muscle soreness.
There are also Sportscreams and gels that can be used (namely Bengay, Biofreeze, and the like). Massage therapy for before and after workouts, foam rollers are like a sports massage without the high price tag.
Used as a mobility tool, it can hit deep into the trigger points like a foam roller on steroids. If you like to workout hard, then a speedy recovery after you exercise is going to be important to reduce muscle soreness and stay energized. If you are working out intensely or for long periods of time you may want to consider adding supplements into your nutrition program.
It’s important to allow 48-72 hours after training a particular body part before training it again.

It is also important to take days off from exercise completely to allow the body to reenergize and for the muscles to grow and repair.
On two of the days, they were instructed to drink watermelon juice an hour before working out.
It contains an amino acid called L-citrulline, which boosts blood flow—so drinking it may help your muscles get more oxygen, which means they can repair themselves faster, says study author Encarna Aguayo, PhD, associate professor of food technology at the Technical University of Cartagena. Throw watermelon chunks into a blender to create a DIY juice, or add some to your go-to smoothie.
However, you need to be the person deciding if the muscle will be further damaged with more exercise, to the point that it would be unhealthy. These include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin), naproxen sodium (Aleve), and ketoprofen (Orudis KT).
Use of naproxen sodium in short periods of time and in the smallest quantity possible is quick and reliable and a recommendation if the muscle soreness is just too much to overcome on a given day. It is proven that the omega-3 fatty acids are utilized in the building material for prostaglandins. The goal is to bring more blood flow to the area in attempts to break up inflammation and trigger cell growth and tissue repair.
This is actually fairly controversial and I look forward to more research and debate surrounding this concept. Rolling out increases circulation, breaks down soft tissue adhesion, and provides myofascial release.
Although some of may be unavoidable after an awesome workout, there are definitely some tricks you can use to reduce the pain as well as be ready to work hard during your next workout! Exercise causes muscle breakdown and depletion of glycogen stores so it’s important to rebuild with protein and carbohydrates. During exercise, especially in hot weather, you will sweat and lose a lot of water from your body, so you’ve got to replenish. So for someone that exercises intensely it becomes important to replenish this amino for proper recovery and muscle re-growth.

BCAA’s should be taken immediately before a workout for energy and after a workout for optimal recovery and muscle repair.
For instance if you train arms really hard on Monday, make sure to until at least Wednesday or Thursday before hitting them hard again, especially if they are still sore. Training too hard to often can lead to overtraining syndrome, which could make it even more difficult for the body to recover. If you are feeling overly fatigued, sore, or even sick it may be a good idea to skip your workout that day. For best results, aim to get a little more than two cups of watermelon juice before your most intense workouts (that’s how much the study participants drank).
They get no endorsement from me, for what it’s worth, since your body can do the same thing through active recovery. So be sure you are getting lots of quality H2O during and after your workout and remember to drink before you get thirsty.
So take a day off from exercise at least 1-2 days per week or at least stick with something very light such as going for a walk on those off days. So be sure to aim for 7-8 hour each night, but don’t get caught up in a number because everyone is different. Proponents included in the video below are advocates for letting the body do its job by protecting the stressed muscles and connective tissue and then rejuvenating cells in the reconstructive stage of recovery.
For something quick on the go as you leave the gym a recovery whey protein shake with fruit may be ideal, or if you have time to cook some food or pack a lunch opt for something with lots of protein such as chicken or fish and healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice, or whole grains.
You should feel rested when you get up in the morning, so however many hours that is each night stick to it.

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